Tips on Outsourcing to Reduce Business Overwhelm

Tips for outsourcingA big reason for online business-owner overwhelm is not knowing when, and how to use outsourcing.

Mistake number one: Being unable to delegate and let go-even when you’re paying someone to do a specific task for you. (Micro-managing is a sure-fire way to alienate your contractors.)

Mistake number two: Not making an outsourcing plan. As you might guess, this can’t start too early. The best time to look ahead and decide exactly what you want to outsource (and how much you will need to budget for it) is when you first identify your mission and goals.

What do you outsource? A common answer is “administrative duties”. But, in fact, you should outsource any part of your business that can drain energy from your main mission. 

Anyway, let us take one more example to understand the above-mentioned words better. If you’re actually a good bookkeeper, but that was the very profession you left in order to start coaching, don’t do your own books. During the time you are doing your books, you’re not making money, and you’re not creating the strong connections with your audience that your business needs. So, plan to outsource it.

If, on the other hand, bookkeeping is something you secretly enjoy, and you find it drop-dead easy (and can accomplish it in a very small time slot), then by all means do it yourself-but be aware that this task IS taking time away from your ‘money making activities’-the skill that directly leads to people paying you.

Things that you can do might involve sales conversations, product development, and content creation. Think about what else are you doing that someone else could do for you. 

Here are 5 tasks every business coach should outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Inbox and calendar management
  2. Webinar organization and support
  3. Research
  4. Website and course management
  5. Social Media management

So, let’s say, you have taken a look at all the tasks and functions that your business will require, and made a list.

You’ve decided, to the best of your ability right now, what you plan to outsource and what you will do yourself. That’s a good beginning.

Now note: Outsourcing does not mean that your contractor will run your business for you. Nor will she be able to read your mind. You still need to be the one who calls the shots, creates the to-do lists, and designs the marketing plan. You need to be able to give your contractors and freelancers clear direction and deadlines. You should never expect them to read your mind-a common mistake that inexperienced business owners make when first starting to outsource. 

When you hire a virtual assistant (VA) or free-lancer, you will start to buy back your own time so you can spend it working on the most critical areas of your coaching business and move the needle forward much faster than if you were to do everything alone!

You’ll also save yourself days or weeks of frustration by outsourcing the right tasks inside your coaching business so you can focus on the critical tasks and let someone else do the rest faster (and better) than you!

So make your list of tasks to outsource and start looking for the help you need.

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