Wisdom from My Late Mother-in-Law

If you’re in the US, Happy Fourth of July!

I spent most of June traveling on the East Coast visiting my husband’s relatives and attending a memorial for both his brother and mother (who died at age 101) that was combined with a family reunion luncheon with over 100 present.

During the memorial part of the event, our niece got up to say something about her late Grammy, Ruth. When our niece graduated from college, she was engaged to a med student here in the US, but her dream was to set up a school in Kenya for underprivileged children. She asked her Grammy what she should do.

My mother-in-law told her that she should follow her dream even if she had to leave her family and friends. So, she married the med student, then went to Kenya, and started several schools by herself. When her husband finished med school, he joined her and together they established several medical clinics.

She came from Kenya to the reunion with her third child who was 3 months old (and the star of the show!)

Ruth at her 100th Birthday Party

Since then I’ve been reflecting on her story, and admiring my mother-in-law for her sagacity. “Follow your dreams” is a recurring phrase we hear a lot in the life coaching industry. We as coaches encourage our clients to do that. But let’s make sure we also are following our own dreams.

Let’s make sure we understand what it will take to fulfill those dreams—of having a profitable coaching business, of having a lifestyle we enjoy, while helping our clients reach their dreams.

What does this take? It takes…
– listening to our intuition (perhaps the most important requirement for dream fulfillment),
– improving our coaching skills so we can give our clients the best guidance possible,
– and honing our sales and marketing skills so we can stay in business.

It takes being accountable and implementing the strategies and tasks that bring in sales. It takes not giving in to the “shiny object syndrome” and staying focused on your goal. It takes knowing how to motivate yourself when you’ve experienced a setback or have just had a bad day. And it helps to have your own coach who has your back.

Starting this month I’m going to be doing several things to help you with this. First, I’ll be starting a masterclass series, bringing in some experts to share their wisdom with you. Watch for details next week.

I’m also offering a limited number of complementary laser coaching sessions to my subscribers and members of my LinkedIn coaching group, on a first-come, first-serve basis. In your session, I’ll show you ways to address the accountability, motivation, and implementation issues. Book your free session here: https://calendly.com/jlkoczela/laser