7 Ways To Fill Your Next Workshop Or Course

7 Ways to FIil Your Next Workshop or CourseSo, you’re ready to add an additional stream of income to your business. You have an idea for a workshop or course. You’ve got your outlines; you’ve hired people to assist with the production. Now you need is to get people in those seats.

A marketing plan is paramount to the success of your launch. The more you plan, the more people you can reach as opposed to just “winging it” and not being consistent with your promotions.

Now is NOT the time to hide behind your computer keyboard! Talk about your workshop or course with everyone in your circle. Be creative with finding new ways to market your product or event. Enlist those who already love you to share your offer within their own circles.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of how you can attract people to your event but it’s a great start.

1.    Plan Your Launch Schedule Carefully

Planning a launch is not for the faint of heart. You’ll have a lot of moving pieces – from creating your content to promoting it to making affiliates happy – so don’t try to cram all of that into a week’s time. Don’t wing it just because you want to launch. Set a plan in motion with a checklist of what has to happen each week to get the results you want.

Plan your launch schedule carefully so you can create the awesome killer content your audience expects from you. If you’re rushing through the content creation so you can market it quickly, your content will fall short of expectations. The reverse is also true; taking your time with the content is ideal but then marketing it quickly (or not at all) will lead to few sales. Work backwards from the launch date and plan a realistic marketing period as well as enough production time. Your results will reflect the time you spent planning.

2.    Network More…Both Online and Offline

While it’s wonderful to have your circle of friends and acquaintances, you’ll need to expand that circle to reach more people and to earn more sales. Networking is not about hard core selling; it’s simply one more way to get to know people. Customers will buy from people they know, like and trust and networking is the first step in this process.

Step outside that comfort zone with networking. Instead of sitting behind your keyboard, find a local networking event or meetup. These are often casual meetings of local entrepreneurs where you can meet new people as well as introduce your business. Small meetups like this are perfect for introverts. Extroverts may feel more comfortable at weekly BNI meetings or live conferences. In addition to these offline ideas, find new online groups where you can build relationships while offering your advice.

3.    Take Pride in Your Workshop or Course

Your excitement about your product will be contagious. The more you talk about your own excitement, the more excited your audience will be. The same is true of your affiliates. The best ways to get excited about your course or workshop is to create something that speaks to your passion and also taking your time to create the content.

Instead of taking shortcuts to create your product, take your time (as we mentioned earlier) to really overdeliver with your content. The deeper you dive into your chosen subject, the more you’ll uncover to share with your audience. You’ll likely find other experts whose case studies you’ll want to share or who will grant you an interview. You may also discover additional bonuses to create as a result of your careful and passionate research. What started off as a small course could morph into something much bigger, which is exciting.

4.    Take Photos of Your Live Workshop

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is very real, especially in the online world. If you share photos of your live workshop – or even a live meetup – and share them on social media, your other followers will wish they were there, too. You’re not doing this to be mean or to purposely evoke feelings of FOMO; you’re simply sharing what you’re doing and how much fun you and your participants are having.

After seeing these photos, your followers will become more aware of what you’re doing and thinking how fun it would be to meet you in person. They likely will make a concerted effort to buy your next product or to participate in your next live event. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and they can help portray the atmosphere of an event better than a page of sales copy.

5.    Search Out Interview Opportunities

Interviews with any type of media are wonderful ways to promote your business but podcast interviews go one step further because the listeners can actually hear your voice and will hear your excitement as you talk about your workshop or course. When people hear your excitement, they are often excited enough to check out your event or product.

When searching for interviews, however, be somewhat selective with the media you choose. Keep your target market in mind and search out those podcasts or blogs where your audience congregates. Not being selective with your opportunities only sends your message on deaf ears if they’re not in your target audience.

Also keep in mind that if you’re promoting a live workshop or course, choose interviews that will air or print BEFORE your workshop.

6.    Get Your Affiliates Excited

Affiliates already love you and what you produce but showing them some extra love will make them work harder to promote this new workshop or course. You have a built-in sales force with these affiliates and their excitement will convince their referrals to give your product a try.

Consider running a leaderboard contest with a killer prize, or multiple prizes for the top 3 sellers. Update who’s in the lead via emails to your affiliate team but also on social media. Showing your excitement for affiliates may recruit some extras to your team.

7.    Reach Out to the Local Media

Sending out press releases might seem old school but it’s still a valid way to reach out to your local reporters. Most print publications have online versions, so you may end up in both places. Even if it’s a highlight of a local business, it’s still publicity for your business.

Create a local media list and research those that offer an online calendar of events. If your workshop is a live event as opposed to just online, submit a listing well in advance of the date along with a link to buy tickets. If your workshop is held in a different location from where you live, research those local publications and submit your listing to those. If you sell out the event, these online listings are easy to cancel.