Jan 26

Why “Not-Enough-Clients” Is Not the Problem: Part 1

Stressed BusinesswomanAlmost every life coach I talk to admits that the biggest problem or obstacle they face in their business is not enough clients. But “not-enough-clients” is the RESULT of the problem, not the problem. I would like to propose that the problem is something much deeper. 

And it has to do with basic self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. This trio is the real culprit and I’m going to address 3 ways to overcome each of them so you can start attracting more clients and make more money. 

For this post, we’ll talk about self-worth. This is a challenge that is rampant in our society as a whole. Where does this erroneous belief come from?  We are all worthy of abundance. As my colleague, Nicola Grace says, “Our life purpose is not to live in poverty…the Universe doesn’t keep our prosperity from us, we do.”

Do you feel like you don’t deserve to be rich and prosper?
Are you afraid of having too much money?
Do you resent people who seem to attract money easily, wondering why they deserve it and you don’t?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have some self-worth issues.

For coaches who suffer from low self-worth, the common line of thought goes something like, “Who am I to offer this service?” and “How can I charge people for this?” Or they feel “uncomfortable” charging for something that they enjoy doing so much that they’d do it for nothing. These are all symptoms of low self-worth. And here are 3 remedies for overcoming it.

Remedy #1: If you have issues with self-worth, it may be that it’s because you are feeling needy.  When you are focusing on what you lack, your self-worth can tank. But you can change that right now. Start by being thankful for who you are and what you have right now. A nice place to live? A wonderful partner? Good food on the table? Friends to share joys and sorrows with? If you have these things then you obviously deserve them or they wouldn’t be in your life. When you are feeling grateful, you can’t feel needy. And the feeling of fullness that comes with gratitude will raise your feelings of self-worth. 

Remedy #2: Take some time to really look at the value you are giving your clients. You may be overlooking how much impact you can have on your client. Remember: you are not helping anyone or making a difference in the world by undervaluing your work. It takes inner strength and self-confidence to offer your services and the only way to have those qualities is to acknowledge your worth and see the true value of your products and services.

Remedy #3: Take inspired action. Write down what you bring to the table. What are your brilliances? What do you do best for your clients? What value do you bring to the marketplace?  If you can’t think of anything, read your clients’ testimonials. Or ask your current clients, colleagues, friends. This is the time to tap into your support network. Also consider what it is costing your clients to not receive your coaching. Look at how much money you’re saving them, not to mention time and pain. 

Raising your level of self-worth is an ongoing process and doesn’t happen overnight.  But you can shift your attention in a moment. Try the above remedies to turn the self-worth ship around to the positive, uplifting direction that you want to go, and you’ll start attracting more than enough clients.