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Solve a Problem for Your Audience

Solve a problem for your audience

Solving problems is what you do. It may not always seem like it, but at the center of it all, this is what your role is. In order to solve a problem for your audience, though, the first thing you have to do is understand your audience. A few years ago, a young entrepreneur had …

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Unlocking the Power of Joint Venture Partnerships


Insights from a Virtual Networking Conference Last week I attended a 3-day virtual conference, called the Strategic Alliance Event” about networking with potential joint venture partners. As you probably know, one of the best ways to grow your business faster is to have other people promote it. The conference taught us some new ways of …

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Blog Tip – Using Repetition

Use the Principle of Repetition to Give Your Graphics Even More Impact

Use the Principle of Repetition to Give Your Graphics Even More Impact The theme this month is blogging and here is a blog tip for your visuals. A love of repetition is hardwired into human DNA (that’s how we first learned how to learn). Just think of your three-year-old, wanting the same story, night after …

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Mindset for Client Attraction: Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever look at how experienced and successful other coaches are and feel like you are not worthy?  I get it, there are so many coaches out there with years of experience, awards and resources so you sometimes wonder why your client should hire you over them.  Feeling like an impostor as a coach …

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I want to share something—


Over the years, I’ve discovered that most coaches don’t have as much of a problem with knowledge as they do with implementing what they’ve learned, i.e., they know what to do, but are not so confident about putting it into action. But I’ve discovered a solution that may be very interesting for you.  As you …

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The Success Secret Nobody Is Telling You

The Success Secret nobody is telling you

…that Real Success Needs You to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Here’s How: This is a guest post by James I. Bond Here’s a success secret few online mentors are willing to tell you. All the formulas in the world won’t help you when your internal programming is working against you. As one of America’s …

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How to Be Your Authentic Self as a Life Coach

How to be your authentic self

This article includes powerful tips related to being your authentic self. It also includes 3 actionable steps you can take right away and a list of suggested reading for those people who are looking for even more information. People often pretend to be something or someone they aren’t. Often in social situations, people act differently …

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Make Sure Your Perceived Value equals Real Value

Make Sure Your Perceived Value=Real Value

In the world of business and personal branding, one of the cardinal rules is ensuring that your perceived value matches your real value. Perceived value is the way others see and perceive the worth of your product, service, or even yourself as a professional or individual. Real value, on the other hand, is the actual …

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Selling the Sizzle: The Art of Persuasion in Marketing

Sell the Sizzle

In the world of marketing, the phrase “sell the sizzle, not the steak” is often used to emphasize the importance of selling the benefits and experiences of a product or service rather than just its features. This catchy expression captures the essence of effective marketing: focusing on the emotional and sensory appeal that a product …

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Video Tip: Recession Proof Your Business #5

There are many strategies that you can implement to recession-proof your business and achieve long-term success.  By implementing these strategies and adapting to changes in the industry,  a life coach can build a successful and sustainable coaching practice that provides value to clients and helps them achieve their goals. In this video tip, we’ll explore …

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