Guest Post: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated

Guest Post: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated and Hold onto Your Dream (Part 1)

By Veronica Hislop

Have you ever had a dream, goal or objective that you could not fulfill or accomplish? Maybe you tried to lose weight, train for a marathon, begin an online business, write a novel, or do something else that was challenging.

Why didn’t you succeed?

People often fall short at achieving a big dream they desperately want, because they lose their self-motivation. Keeping up your motivation can be difficult when you face a long period of intense work.

Here are 7 ways that will help you to stay motivated so you can hold onto and reach those big dreams.

  1. Honour yourself

The first step is to set genuine goals and objectives for yourself. Be true to yourself and choose the goals that are right for you. If you set a goal that you feel obligated to achieve, instead of a goal that you are passionate about, you will find it difficult to maintain your level of motivation. Only choose goals that rouse and inspire you; goals that you earnestly want to achieve, as this will make your journey pleasant and easy. Don’t try to motivate yourself to do something that is not fun. Find the joy, and the motivation will take care of itself…

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