From Zero to Zen Financial Training

Monthly Training Package: “From Zero to Zen Financial Training”

Have you been playing hide and seek with your accounting system? Do you really just want to work with your clients, not mess around with your books? (Hiring one of the CPAs from accounting firms in nyc could be a good start if you’re having a bit of trouble keeping up with your finances.) Or maybe you’re wondering where to even start. It’s especially hard when financial jargon makes your head spin. But you do need to understand financial basics if you want your business to succeed. At the start of your business, you may need to access a loan to get up and running, this can seem daunting but it will help, you’ll be able to see what you can and can’t do with the finances you have on hand. The usda b&i eligibility map can show you if you are in an area that can receive monetary help from companies like If you are unable to, do not worry, there are other companies that can be of assistance to your financial needs. Now let’s get back to how you can support your business.

You could hire an accountant from somewhere like this accountants in Somerset, to handle all of your business finances for you which has the added benefit of giving you legal cover should anything go wrong, or alternatively my friend and colleague, Liz Lajoie, the Coaches’ CFO, has put together a special financial training just for IAPLC Gold Members to help you understand business finance in simple terms. It begins with a 30-minute training video that starts the conversation about your business finances. Liz has also put together “The Coaches’ Bookkeeping Kit” to get started with managing your business finances more efficiently to free up your time so you can do more of what you love.
Once you have This kit includes a

  • Bookkeeping Checklist
  • Business Cash Flow Cycle
  • A free 60-minute Bookkeeping Diagnostic session with an experienced business manager to talk through your situation and develop a roadmap for your finances.
  • And a copy of her new book, From Zero to Zen: The Secret Keys to Nurturing Your Numbers and Finding Your Financial Flow.

In her book (to be published May 18) you’ll discover how to manage your money so your business is fantastically successful.

I’m excited to offer this gift as the first of our new Gold Member benefit, Monthly Training Packages, to help make your coaching business successful. To start getting these training packages every month all you need to do is become a Gold IAPLC Member here: