Sep 28

Guest Post: Modern Changes for Effective Leadership

By Katherine Hartvickson

What has 2017 shown us when it comes to leadership?


Leadership and how to go about it changes with the times. Yesterday’s methods may no longer be the best option and certainly not the only option.

When was the last time you reassessed your leadership approach? It’s an important question considering the rapid pace at which our world is changingas well as the many age groups now actively working.

New technologies and methods might not seem relevant to your business but adopting them, or adapting to them, will make a significant difference for you when you’re in charge of a team or assigning a team a set of goals.

We often think that ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ is a safe method of thinking to fall back on. But don’t let it become an excuse that keeps you from trying new ways to build and lead your team(s). All employees are unique and once you understand what they need and want from a leader, the better you can motivate them to help you grow your business while accomplishing their goal of having a great place to work.

Do your employees need to be on site?

A recent study on effective teamwork found the effectiveness of a team was in no way reliant on working together in person.

Many companies have the perception that without middle management peering over an employee’s shoulder that person will not do the work assigned.

Others are confident that the tasks won’t be understood and the team won’t be motivated to succeed because of a lack of face to face communication...(Read more.)

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