Guest Post: Negative Self-Talk

By Gabriela Eikeland

Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self-Talk and its level of intensity: What are we focusing on ?

Approximately 60,000 thoughts are running through our head on a daily basis (DeVillers, Julia. 2002), and even though we might have the tendency to put in a lot of energy interpreting and analyzing these thoughts – we often don’t attention to ‘how’ we think!

Every and all thoughts have distinct qualities but some thoughts have the potential to produce emotional stress by leading the attention toward doubts, fears, skepticism, and self-criticism. Self-criticism, depending on how much energy we spend focusing on it, may be experienced as negative internal thoughts about one’s self, body image, behaviors, abilities, skills, or perceived lack of education. If thinking negatively about ourselves becomes habitually, we dis-empower ourselves – and our body, mind, and spirit will be affected negatively...

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