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Oct 26

Guest Post: Negative Self-Talk

By Gabriela Eikeland Negative Self-Talk and its level of intensity; What are we focusing on ? Approximately 60,000 thoughts are running through our head on a daily basis (DeVillers, Julia. 2002), and even though we might have the tendency to put in a lot of energy interpreting and analyzing these thoughts – we often don’t …

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Aug 28

Video Tip: Do You Have Mindworm?

In this video tip, I explain what a mindworm is and how to eliminate it.  

Aug 18

Guest Post: Counseling vs Life Coaching

By Sherée Bergman While it is important to note that these professions are different in a number of ways, there is no reason to suggest that one is better than the other or that they cannot coexist. In fact, there may be certain occasions where an individual feels they need the services of one and …

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Apr 11

Masterclass: 4-14-16

The IAPLC Masterclass Thurs. April 14, 12-1 pm ET will be: “How to Create and Maintain Momentum for Personal and Business Success”   with Dr. Simone Ravicz    Replay is no longer available. To find out more about Dr. Simone’s “Neurocoaching Certification Program” Click Here Do You Want to Know Just What Momentum Is and Why …

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Aug 04

List of Life Coach Training Programs

Recently I surveyed my LinkedIn group of life coaches to find out what coach training programs they had taken so I could compile a list of them. I knew that there were many available that you couldn’t necessarily find just through a Google search. In the initial survey, over 60 possibilities emerged and I have …

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Jun 03

Video Tip Lesson from Mars

Here’s a business lesson I learned from the probe “Curiousity” that landed on Mars in 2012.  What do you think about this?   Watch Nasa’s “7 Minutes of Terror” here. 

Sep 29

Don’t Make This Mistake #4

Once you have a system in place for generating leads with an enticing offer, and regularly communicating with them, you may think that this is all you need to be successful. But it isn’t if you are making this mistake: charging by the hour instead of the package. This is another mistake many coaches make, …

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Apr 07

Masterclass: Qualifying Your Potential Coaching Clients in 5 Minutes or Less

When you are talking to a potential client, the best way to connect with them is to establish rapport. You want to connect so you can see if they are someone you would like to work with and it they will truly benefit from your service.  During your conversation with them, there is time spent …

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Aug 12

What you don’t know about PowerPoint slide design is hurting your results!

My first encounter with computer software was when I was doing architectural renderings for a construction company in the 90’s and they asked me to learn AutoCad. The textbook was 500 pages and I found out later that the author, Ellen Finkelstein, was on faculty at the local university in my town. Years later I …

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Jul 08

Are You Doing What You Most Want? by Carl Stewart

Guest Post by Carl Stewart, IAPLC member   “This is your life. Do what you want and do it often. . . . Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out, and start creating. Life is short, live your dream, and wear your passion.” Are you …

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