Increasing Your Conversion Rates

The sales or enrollment conversation is part of your marketing strategy. No matter how good you are as a coach, consultant, or other service-based business owner, you must master the sales process. Most of us shy away from sales because of the stigma it conjures up—the aggressive salesman who makes you feel pressured to purchase something.

Some business coaches say that you should shoot for a 25-30% conversion rate. That means if you want 5 new clients a month, you need to have 20 conversations a month. Think about that for a minute—that is 20 hours a month, plus the time it takes to find those 20 people. That’s a lot of time talking to people who might not enroll with you.

But actually, there’s an easier way. You could focus on improving your conversion rate instead. What if that 25-30% was increased to 50-75%? 

Then you would only need 7-10 conversations per month to get those 5 clients. That’s a lot less work. So to save time and make more money, focus on improving your sales conversation conversion rates.

How to do it

One way to do that is nurture a relationship with your prospects way before the conversation. Give them plenty of free content, information and resources so that by the time they get around to making an appointment with you, they are already practically sold on you and your service.

The best way to convert leads into clients is through a sales or enrollment conversation. Here are some tips:

  • Treat your conversation like a product and give it an eye-catching name and bullet points of the benefits.
  • Check inside to see what beliefs may be preventing you from enrolling clients.
  • Take the time to establish rapport with the prospect at all points of contact, but especially at the beginning of the sales conversation.
  • Establish the gap between where they are and where they want to be in order to cultivate desire for a solution.
  • Be clear on the value of your program and articulate that to the prospect.
  • Speak from the heart, and support them in deciding the right course of action—be their advocate for change!

Transform Objections into Opportunities to Serve

Most coaches dread the point in the enrollment conversation when the prospect brings up objections. But you can become a great salesperson just by changing your attitude to one of dread to one of service. Picture this person as someone who has come to you for help. They are relying on your judgment to help them solve their problem. Now some fears are coming up for them and you can now begin coaching them on overcoming those fears.