Sep 01

Guest Post: The Power of Curiosity

By Laurenne Di Salvo

Power of Curiosity

Power of Curiosity

Curiosity is a wonderful thing, and not just because it piques your interest about something new, allowing you to learn and grow. Curiosity is also a key pathway to wellbeing, in large part because it fosters a mindful approach. Let me explain.

Curiosity helps us suspend judgement – If we’re curious about something or someone, we tend to approach without pre-conceived ideas, therefore dropping judgement. We’re more likely to think about where the other person is coming from, or what could be influencing their perspective. We try to understand the idea, person or situation in greater depth. By default, this also brings us into the moment so that we’re approaching the situation mindfully, rather than through a lens of what we think we already know. The wonderful thing about this is that it leads to greater levels of openness, genuine interest and empathy, which builds stronger relationships, critical to our wellbeing.

Curiosity helps temper our expectations – I wonder if you’ve ever approached a situation with a set of expectations around what should happen, or how things should pan out. For example, for those who have children, I wonder if you’ve had an opportunity to go out with your partner after not being out for a long time. As a result, you may have high expectations for the evening. Then, when it doesn’t quite measure up, you feel a little flat, a little disappointed. I would suggest that by approaching the evening with a mindset of curiosity, a mindset of ‘what could this night hold?’, rather than what the night should hold, you are more able to drop expectations and mindfully enjoy the moment. A curious mindset may have you asking yourself questions like, ‘what am I enjoying here?’, or ‘what am I grateful for in this situation?’ A focus on gratitude has been shown to increase levels of wellbeing and happiness. ..(cont.)

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