How To Add Low End Offers To Your Course Portfolio

Working with clients 1:1 is great, but it shouldn’t be your entire business model.

Few industry leaders will tell you this, but you don’t need to sell high-priced products every month to be profitable. You can have monthly income from low-end products that supplement your high-end product income with passive income.

Here’s the thing: If people don’t know you yet, they’re probably not going to drop a $1000-5000 on a coaching program in your first enrollment conversation. But they might take a chance on you for something that costs them $97 or less.

Then, when they see how awesome your low-end offer product is, they’ll be much more likely to invest in your higher end products.

But you’ve got to them in the door first. And you can do that so much easier with low-end offers.

With a low-end offer, you can make money in two different ways:

  1. From articles, video tips, podcasts, webinars, and social media posts that link to a product – because once they’re posted they can continue to get visitors and sales
  2. By offering it as a “down-sell” if a potential client says they can’t afford your coaching program

For evergreen marketing, you can have a link to a sales page for a low-end product at the end of your blog posts. You can put a link in the description of a video on YouTube or a podcast on iTunes.

You can also include a link at the end of an evergreen webinar that you have produced. There are many possibilities to get that link out there.

Creating Low-End Offers

Here are the kinds of products you can easily create that will form an online Low-End Offer portfolio:

  • Print-on-Demand books
  • Ebooks
  • Worksheets/Checklists
  • Printables
  • Digital courses

Let’s take a look at each one more closely.

Print-on-Demand Books

If you have written a book, or have enough material to write one, you can self- publish it and offer it as a product. There are a number of printing houses like Printivity ( that can help accomplish this dream of yours. If this doesn’t work in your favor, you can try Kindle Direct, which is a branch of Amazon. They walk you through using their templates, give you a USB number, and you can link directly to a sales page on Amazon.

But if you use the direct Amazon link, you don’t get the buyers on your own list. So what many authors do is offer the book on their own site, where the buyer goes automatically onto a list, and then manually order the book (print-on-demand) through Amazon where it gets printed and sent out. That’s better than having to stocking inventory.


You can also digitalize your book as a downloadable on your site. Again you’ll want to capture the emails of your buyers. Just make sure that your ebook solves a problem your followers have, but leaves them needing more help from you for a larger problem. What’s one aspect of a larger problem you can solve for your followers?


A lot of coaches offer worksheets and checklists as freebies but if you put enough value into them you can sell them. This is another way for you to solve a small problem for your buyers, which will give them a taste of how you work and how you can help them further.


Printables are electronic files customers buy and then print on their own printers. They can be just about anything that you audience would find valuable enough to print out and use, such as…

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Calendars
  • Planners for everything from back-to-school and budgets to birthday parties.
  • Tracking sheets for things like diabetic blood glucose testing, kids’ chores, daily social media posting, exercises, eating your veggies… to name a few!
  • Meal Planners
  • Fancy letters
  • Word art
  • Quotes
  • Frameable art
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Coloring pages for kids or adults
  • Debt payment plan
  • Wedding, baptism, funeral orders of service
  • Worksheets/Workbooks
  • Checklists

Note: If you use quotes, images, photos, sayings, and the like, you’ll need to be aware of trademark and copyright laws so you don’t get charged with intellectual property violations.


Digital Courses

If you have created a coaching program that solves a big problem for your target audience, you can turn it into a digital course and charge less for it because you are not giving private coaching with it. This course(s) would be for those who either can’t afford your high-end program, or are do-it-yourselfers.

Another possibility is to use your knowledge to teach others how to do something. You can create your “how-to” in PDF form, recorded videos, audios, or a combination of these. Many digital courses also include extras such as templates, checklists, resource guides, etc. Try writing an ebook, or do a webinar and record it so you can sell it later. The possibilities are endless.

Because your course is digital, it’s easy to set up systems for purchase and delivery. For delivering your course, you can use your own website, or any number of ready-to-use platforms such as Teachable or Udemy.

Here are some reports from two coaches who make 6-figure incomes from their low-end product portfolio:

“I built my business selling low-end offers. For years, my product prices were in the $47 or less range, and it served me really, really well. Today, I have products for sale at a variety of price points on my website and in my funnels. Everything from $17, to $33, $47, and $97, all the way to $997.” – Melissa Ingold,

“For 16 years I’ve been making 6 figures selling my own courses that range in price from $24 to $69. Only 3 of my courses are over $100. So, all the hype touting that you must create a massive course to succeed is – well – bunk. If you pull back the curtain and look at the profit-and-loss statements on most of these launches, the expenses often result in minor returns … or a complete break-even. Can you imagine going through all that with no financial gain?” – Karon Thackson,

In Conclusion

Most of your fans and followers either cannot afford those top-line offerings or aren’t ready to commit at that level. They first need to dip their toes in the water before they feel brave enough to take the “plunge”.

Few coaches and thought leaders will tell you this, but I’ll let you in on the secret: you aren’t required to sell high-priced products to be successful.

Selling low-end products can help you grow your business, and you can do it from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Ready to learn how to flip the script on the “high-end course model” and make just as much money by offering a new low-cost course for your audience every month—no huge headache-inducing launches required?

You CAN create an effective, money-making business with digital products!

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