List of Life Coach Training Programs

Recently I surveyed my LinkedIn group of life coaches to find out what coach training programs they had taken so I could compile a list of them. I knew that there were many available that you couldn’t necessarily find just through a Google search. In the initial survey, over 60 possibilities emerged and I have created a report with links to 60-plus training programs for coaches. Most are certification programs but some are just valuable training that many coaches can use. 

I’m now sharing this report, “List of Life Coach Training Programs,” with you, so that f you are aspiring to be a coach, or if you are a more seasoned coach who is looking for more training, you have a plethora of choices to review. I will be revising this report periodically so if you have a program to add, please send me the name and link.

Feel free to share this report with anyone for whom it might be helpful (no opt-in required).

Click here to download the list of Training Programs