Monthly Gold Member Training: 6 Heart-Felt Strategies

training packageIn this age of relationship marketing, we all more or less know what it means when someone refers to your “tribe”: And because we are all familiar with the term, it’s easy to gloss over it and take its deeper connotations for granted.

Today, in marketing and business, “tribe” is often taken as a synonym for “your ideal audience”—but it goes much deeper than that.

A tribe gives as well as receives. You don’t just need your tribe to buy from you, you need them for inspiration, stimulation, validation and a constant reality check. They help you get up in the morning and inspire you to re-ignite your passion. They provide feedback, comfort and reciprocity. That is the tribe you need to concentrate on working with and for, for maximum satisfaction and natural, enjoyable engagement.

This month’s Gold Member training package, “6 Heart-Felt Strategies,” is all about how to authentically connect with your tribe—the social group with whom you most feel you belong and who you find it easiest and most rewarding to help

All gold members get this training with their membership.  It includes a workbook, worksheet, resource guide, checklist, 4-week calendar, and 21-idea list to help you better connect with your tribe in a Heart-Felt way. There will be a live training workshop that accompanies this program.

If you are not a Gold member, you can become one HERE.