Next Masterclass-Brain Body Balance

Have you ever wondered why your efforts to find answers about how to make positive change bring great results for a while but not lasting results? Have you found that your efforts to find out what works actually created more stress and overwhelm?

Did you know your “BS Disorder” blocks your efforts? Everyone has it, but few have a clue what to do! Our next masterclass teacher, Elizabeth Harrison, will explain what it is and how you can overcome it in our next masterclass, “Don’t Make Affirmations or Resolutions!” on January 15 at 12pm EDT.

As a psychotherapist for many years, Elizabeth became frustrated with the limits of traditional therapy practice. She felt she was an impostor. She spent endless hours trying to help others make positive changes that she could not even make for her own life.

She tried it all including religion, psychology, self- help books, exercise, eating healthy and more.   Despite her conscious efforts, she found lasting positive change to be hard, if not impossible in my clients as well as in herself.   As stress mounted her body took the overwhelming toll, and she “hit bottom.”

So she quit her traditional psychotherapy practice and began a relentless pursuit to find a better way. With her psychologist husband and business partner in tow, they spanned the globe in search of what works.   They discovered, simplified, combined and tested, cutting edge energy techniques including Touch for Health, NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming), NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Acupuncture Meridian and Chakra System, Eye Movement, Color, Sound, Behavioral Barometer, One Brain, Adaptogens and much more. Through that search, they found more than they dreamed possible for their lives as well as their client’s lives.

The result was Brain Body Balance™,  a complete change system using Brain Feng Shui™ techniques. By using these techniques, a person’s brain can change in seconds, unraveling stuck habits that you just might have kept for a lifetime. The changes defy traditional practice limitations with mood, health, relationships and prosperity transformation. After healing herself, Elizabeth knew she had to teach others, and thus her coaching practice was born.

The IAPLC is thrilled to have Elizabeth as the teacher for January’s masterclass, “Don’t Make Affirmations or Resolutions!” where she will explain what the Brain Body Balance™ system is and then teach some of her techniques. This training is for you if some part of your life is stuck and want to get unstuck with lasting results.