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Feeling confused?

Feeling confused

Feeling confused? Ask Yourself…What are some things I can do for myself to feel more confident? Confidence often stems from understanding oneself and appreciating one’s abilities. Start by acknowledging your strengths and achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Reflect on past challenges you’ve overcome,recognizing your resilience and capability. Set realistic goals and break …

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6 Reasons We’re Afraid to Ask for Help

6 reasons we are afraid to ask for help

Even though struggles and obstacles are a part of life that everyone has to deal with, some of us are afraid to ask for help. As coaches, we also can often encounter clients who struggle to ask for help when they need it. This reluctance to seek assistance can stem from a variety of reasons.  …

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I Am Enough, Right?

Do you feel like you are good enough? Recently I heard a talk by mindset coach, celebrity therapist, and best-selling author of 4 books, including “Ultimate Confidence,” Marisa Peer, who has helped thousands of people overcome all sorts of problems with her mindset training. Her approach is simple. Marisa says that she can usually tell …

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Next Masterclass-Brain Body Balance

Have you ever wondered why your efforts to find answers about how to make positive change bring great results for a while but not lasting results? Have you found that your efforts to find out what works actually created more stress and overwhelm? Did you know your “BS Disorder” blocks your efforts? Everyone has it, …

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How to Banish Self-Doubt

Why do so many people doubt their own ability to be successful? Are you harboring feelings of self-doubt? In this video we take a look look at 5 ways that you can banish self-doubt.  

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Changing Your Life

So many people who come to a strategy session tell me how much they want to change their life, start a business, be successful, etc. but when I offer the help and support that they admit they need, they say they want to think about it.  This is probably why their lives haven’t changed—they are …

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IAPLC Masterclass: Confidence for a 6-Figure Coaching Biz

On June 12, the IAPLC will host the Masterclass, “6-Figure Coaching Business: How to Get the Confidence to Attract Clients and Cash as a Coach” with Fia-Lynn Crandall. It takes confidence to be out there rocking it in your coaching business, making awesome money and helping lots of people.  When you master confidence you can …

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Believe in Yourself – Part 2

In a previous blog I talked about four different things that I did to get my business into profit. But there’s one more thing I did that really pushed me over the top. You see, the techniques that you can use to keep yourself motivated and positive shift your energy so that you attract more …

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Recently, I picked up a used copy of Tony Robbins’ second book, “Awaken the Giant Within” and I must say—what a wealth of information is in it! In fact, I devoured in a week and am reading it for a second time. His six points on harnessing the power of decisions are so enlightening that …

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Why Not-Enough-Clients is Not the Problem-Part3

Almost every life coach I talk to admits that the biggest problem or obstacle they face in their business is not enough clients. And I think it’s safe to say that most entrepreneurs feel the same way. But “not-enough-clients” is not the problem, but is the RESULT of the problem. I would like to propose …

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