Running your own business should be fun

…not frustrating—and How to Fix it:

Business management sounds like a complicated subject to tackle when you are running your own business. And many business owners cringe at the thought of having to learn business skills.

But for us solopreneurs, overwhelm and stress are often due to a just a few things:

  1. Lack of planning (and if you’re like a lot of us who just “fell into” your business, this might be the case)
  2. Lack of systems (because when you grow organically-and fast-there’s no time to create systems)
  3. Lack of money management (like not keeping track of expenses)
  4. Lack of help (maybe you don’t trust others to do the job right, haven’t found the time or money to outsource, or simply don’t know who to turn to)

Any of those sound familiar? If you’re not loving your business, and maybe even starting to get burned out, then I’m guessing you’re intimately acquainted with one or more of these trouble spots.

Let’s go over how to start tackling these issues.

4 Business Management Solutions

1) Create a superstar business plan

Writing a superstar business plan means creating a three-dimensional overview of your business. To do that, you need to know what areas of your business need to be allowed for and covered in your planning. You’ll need to:

  • Narrow your focus and get clear on what you do
  • Nail your best business structure
  • Plan and schedule your daily routine
  • Set your financial planning basics
  • Plan your team


2) Partner with Systems That Work for You

The systems you choose will depend on your budget and the tasks and functions your business dictates. Make a list of every task and function that will be part of your business-what you need right now, as well as for the future. 

As you check out specific automation systems, you’ll be able to choose systems that integrate as many of these individual tasks and functions as possible. Possible systems you’ll need:

  • Professional-quality autoresponder system to build your email list
  • Content management system for content on your website, blog posts, social media platforms, and emails
  • Project management system for organizing projects if you have a team
  • Automated scheduling system that allows people to schedule appointments with you
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that keeps track of your coaching hours and could also include invoicing and payments


3) Managing your finances

There are basic money management tips and strategies you need to know, in order to effectively run your business, keep track of your money and grow it into profits and a healthy income-the exact figure you desire as your financial goal. You’ll need to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Set up a tracking system for expenses and income
  • Have an abundance money mindset when it comes to money management


4) Put Together a Dynamic Outsource Team

Outsourcing ire a savvy Virtual Assistant who has experience in the systems you need her to set up (many VAs specialize in more than one system and area of expertise). You don’t need to hire her like a ‘regular employee’: She is an independent service provider like yourself, and she will be responsible for her own taxes, sub-contractors and availability.

  • Have an interviewing process
  • Know where to find the best contractors
  • Use project management software
  • Use a contract for each contractor
  • Decide what to outsource
  • Know how to manage a team


So those are some ideas for addressing the 4 issues many business owners face.

But here’s the biggest issue:

It can feel almost impossible to escape from these problems…

How can you outsource if you don’t have systems? How can you plan if you don’t have help? How can you have cash flow if you don’t have good planning?

This vicious cycle can be overwhelming all by itself, and it’s the single biggest cause of small business burn out.

Don’t let this happen to you. There’s a better way.

If you want to create a foolproof business strategy, let me take a moment to tell you about a comprehensive but focused course that will help you become an amazing CEO.

“Business Management Bootcamp” is a four-module, self-training system-with an Action Guide to help you implement at the end of each module, as well as exercise worksheets to help you define your strategy. It also includes a support system that will help you run your business without the stress.

This self-study course will allow you to finally:

  1. Create your superstar business plan
  2. Find and partner with the right systems that work best for you
  3. Master what you need to know about money management
  4. Outsource like a rockin’ CEO and pro

In this course, we’ll tackle critical issues step-by-step, so you can finally gain control and put an end to the burnout. With this course you can organize your business so you can enjoy your lifestyle.

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