Are You Seeking Fulfillment?

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

We are all saddened by the loss of Robin Williams especially, since he lost his will to live. He had such an illustrious career and was one of the funniest men on the planet. Why then would he take his own life?

After reading about his history of substance abuse, it occurred to me that he was desperately seeking fulfillment. Fulfillment is something we all are desperately seeking. Our materialistic society is a perfect example of that. People look for fulfillment in things, experiences, and goals. We even use our businesses to feel fulfilled.

But ultimately, fulfillment can only be found inside ourselves—not from the outside. If you have a spiritual practice, whether it be prayer, meditation, yoga or something else, you have a way to see the fullness within you. When you go within, you often can access your inner bliss. Our inner bliss or happiness is always there. But we must take time to stop and experience it, and bring it back out with us into our outer world.

This is where mindfulness can be really beneficial-mindfulness is a form of meditation that brings awareness to the present, and by being aware of the present, we can naturally find bliss. Our minds are, more often than not, stuck in patterns of thinking, which can prevent us from bring fully present. With mindfulness, we learn to let go of the clutter and focus more on what is right in front of us.

Try taking a few minutes every morning to calm your thoughts and experience your inner self. From that place you can ask for your inner guidance to be present during the day, helping you make clear decisions and take inspired action. You can present situations that need solutions or questions that need answers. Then be alert to solutions and answers presenting themselves to you in different ways. Or find a more formal practice to follow such as Transcendental Meditation (the one I use).

Each person has a unique thought-process and mind map, so naturally, the way each person processes their emotions and feelings will be different. Seek out what helps you process your thoughts, and more importantly, what quietens them naturally so you can reach that state of fulfillment.

We have everything we need to feel fulfilled and everything on the outside is just extra. Learn to use difficult situations for personal growth. See what good can come out of them.

When you feel down, watch a Robin Williams movie or clip—it will make you laugh and laughter accesses your inner bliss. Let his legacy be used to remind us that we have the power to feel fulfilled.