Is your self-talk attracting prosperity?

self-talkDid you know that your self-talk can determine how much money you will make?  If you are in the habit of listening to negative thoughts, you can unconsciously sabotage your ability to attract prosperity.  Even an envious thought towards someone who is earning more money than you will repel your own abundance. Negative self-talk gets in the way of attracting abundance to you. Changing your negative self-talk is an important step towards attracting prosperity. 

What is self-talk?  It’s what you say to yourself all day long.  Take a few minutes to evaluate what you say to yourself.  What percentage of your self-talk is negative and what percentage is positive?  If you’re like most people, the positive is a much lower percentage than the negative. 

For example, are you thinking these kinds of thoughts?

  • Why don’t I have more clients?
  • I don’t have any/enough clients.
  • Why can’t I increase my income?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why is running my coaching business so hard?
  • If I don’t get a client this week, I’ll have to…borrow money from a friend…be unable to make my mortgage payment…get a job…etc. 

These thoughts produce negative beliefs such as…

  • I can’t do that.
  • I’ll never be rich.
  • I’m not smart/good enough 

This are the kind of self-talk that repels prosperity. 

In Robert Kiosaki’s book, “Who Took My Money” he gives the analogy of two voices in your brain.  One is the “loser” and the other is the “winner.”  He talks about how the loser voice is the one that says things like, “You can’t do that” or “Don’t do anything risky.” The winner voice will say things like, “Go for it” or  “If they can do it, so can I.”  His advice is, don’t let the “loser” win. 

To me the loser is the negative self-talk and the winner is the positive self-talk.  You want to develop the habit of listening to the winner in your brain. That’s the true self that forges ahead with its dreams and goals.  

If you find that the loser is winning in your self-talk, you can shift that. Start spending more of your self-talk time on the positive side and listening to your inner winner. You can shift your self-talk to…

  • Positive things
  • Uplifting things
  • Events/situations that you want to happen to you
  • Things that you want to have in your life
  • How much money you want to be earning
  • Good things that have happened to you
  • Good things that have happened to others
  • What accomplishments you want to achieve
  • What legacies you want to be remembered for 

This simple step will make a world of difference. Let it be so for you.  Start noticing your percentages of time spent listening to your loser and listening to your winner and take an active part in redirecting your self-talk.  You will be activating the Law of Attraction process to start attracting prosperity to you. 

Please comment and tell me what else you do to change to positive self-talk.