Guest Post: Building Your Visibility and Authority

“Building Your Visibility and Authority in three simple steps” by Guest Blogger, Annemarie Cross

(Note from Jeannette Koczela: I found this article to be so valuable that I wanted to use it as a guest post.)

Building visibility so you become a well respected and trusted authority in your field is something every ambitious entrepreneur should be doing on a daily basis.

After all, how can you build a successful business doing what you love when no-one knows about you – right?!

I’m reminded of a saying my friend and Twitter Guru – Keith Keller will often share: “There’s no point in being a Mona Lisa in a paddock,”which is sadly what many passionate entrepreneurs experience (and struggle with) on a daily basis.

They have an incredible desire to support clients and have life-changing programs that can help people go from stuck to unstoppable, however are unable to support clients because no-one knows about them.

Click here to read the rest of the article.  It’s filled with rich-content—like a mini-business class!



  1. I like what is said, but there truly are some caveats to this. If you are going to be an expert in your field, make sure that you know what you are talking about. Whatever you do, do not come across looking like you are an expert and then kill yourself with statements that point out that you really do not know what you are a talking about. I have seen this happen on more than one occasion and when it happens it gives a really horrendous black eye to the profession.

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