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5 Steps to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs for Good

5 Steps to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

Could you be your own worst enemy? We tend to limit ourselves a lot. We live in our heads and can come up with all kinds of ways to keep us from getting anything accomplished—even though deep down we know we’re “good enough”, and how much we’re fully capable of getting things done. The only …

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Guest Post: 8 Steps to Forgive With Love and Gratitude

By Nicole Lewis-Keeber Forgiveness work is tricky. I have been in therapy multiple times over the years, and the process of revealing and releasing pain and working towards forgiveness has been an ongoing journey. I have written letters that I have sent to people and some that I have burned. I have thrown my grievances …

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A Holiday Greeting and Tip

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and I have made a special greeting for you along with a tip for the holiday season.  Watch below.  

Video Tip: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

You can get stuck if you’re not asking the right questions?  Find out what the difference is and what to do about it in this video tip.

Video Tip: Believe in Yourself

This week’s video tip is about believing in yourself.  Sometimes when things aren’t going well, we tend to focus on the negative and stop believing in ourselves. This video gives you 3 tips for overcoming that state so that you can always believe in yourself.  

Video: Positive Attitude Tip

It’s not always easy to stay positive all day long, especially when things become challenging.  Here’s a video tip to keep the majority of your attention on the positive and allow your day to proceed more smoothly.

Is your self-talk attracting prosperity?

Did you know that your self-talk can determine how much money you will make?  If you are in the habit of listening to negative thoughts, you can unconsciously sabotage your ability to attract prosperity.  Even an envious thought towards someone who is earning more money than you will repel your own abundance. Negative self-talk gets …

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Five Ways Hand Analysis Can Align Business Purpose Create Amazing Results Clients Make Money

As a heart Centered Coach you long to serve where,” Your deepest gladness and the world’s hunger meet.  You want your life and business to reflect your deepest soul aspiration and open possibilities to facilitate transformation by helping your clients live by theirs.  Hand Analysis is a short cut to discover your unique life purpose …

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It happened again—maybe there’s something to this!

It happened again. I spent money on something I really wanted even though I was nervous about the expense. Using a credit card would allow me to pay for the product later on, meaning that I wouldn’t have to spend my money right there and then. That’s the good thing about credit cards, however, I …

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