Six Live Streaming Marketing Tips

Marketing is just as important to your live streaming business as it is to any other business. Due to the format, it can be easy to see this business model as different. However, it is not separate, and, if you don’t plan ways to market it, you won’t be successful. The days are gone where you can expect “drive-by traffic.” You need to get your content in front of your target audience yourself, and that is only through proper marketing. 

The following are tips to help market and promote your live streams: 

1- Use E-mail Campaigns

Create a newsletter or free opt-in that your viewers will enjoy in exchange for their e-mail address. This way, you can always send them notifications when you go live or share content on your website or social media pages.

This is also a great way to form a more personal connection with your audience, as each e-mail you send can be somewhat personalized to individual viewers. 

2- Create And Share Social Media Posts

Always tease or share your live stream on other social media platforms. This means that, as a streamer, you likely also have a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter handle. So first, find the social media platform you know your audience uses the most and create unique content there. Then link and share information to your live streams. 

3- Develop Retargeting Ad Campaigns 

Take advantage of social media ads to share your live stream or other online content. Facebook live, for example, allows you to boost your stream and grow your audience, even while you are currently live. These ads are incredibly powerful, because you can pick exactly who you want to see your content. Thus, you can narrow down and market more directly to your target audience, increasing your click-through rate and audience potential. ? 

4- Make A Professional Website

If you want live streaming to be a business, you need to create a professional website with all your contact information and your blog posts, graphics, and videos. This way, your audience can always find you no matter what platform you use. In addition, your website gives you full control over what you can market?? and is important for brand awareness. 

5- Start A YouTube or TikTok Channel

To be a streamer, you also need to produce solid content that your viewers can find and watch later. Starting a YouTube or TikTok channel is a great way to do this. The goal is to create 3 to 10 minute videos showing your audience what they can expect from the live stream. This way, you can still market your content or have something for your audience to see even when you are not live.

6- Collaborate With Similar Streamers 

Find other streamers in your niche (or a similar one) and take turns going live on each other’s channels and create content together. Collaborations are a useful and fun way to grow your audience. 

Marketing your live streaming business takes hard work and dedication to your craft. Don’t expect success without promoting or marketing. Even in this highly competitive market, you can still be successful, but you must do the right work to get there, including a few, if not all, of these marketing tips.   

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