Why Consistency Is Key for Live Streaming

Consistency is key for all businesses, but especially for live streaming. Consistency is doing things on a repeated, predictable basis. For live streaming, consistency means creating a fixed schedule and sticking to it.

The fixed schedule should be realistic in order to achieve consistency. This means you should dive into your target audiences’ habits and determine the best time for them. 

To pick the right schedule. Find a way to compromise. For example, if you know your audience is available from 7 to 11 every morning, and you know you can’t do it that early, then adjust and start around  eight or nine in the morning instead.

You still have time to grab their attention, and if they like you, they may be able to stick around for longer or adjust more to your time frame. 

Just be sure to advertise your schedule everywhere you can, and actually stick to it. If you know you can’t make it, warn your audience as far in advance as possible. For example, if you know that you will go on vacation in a month. Tell them right then. Don’t wait around.

This way, they can plan their schedule and come back to you easily. It humanizes and personalizes your image. And it shows that you value your audience and content. 

Here are 4 more reasons why creating consistency is vital to live-streaming: 

1- It Sets Good Expectations 

Consistency ensures that your viewers know what (and when) to expect from you. Thus, making them more likely to return. Consider places you’ve been to more than once. More than likely, the consistent quality or your expectations always being met, is why you keep going there and returning for more.

2- It Helps Audience Loyalty 

A consistent schedule builds a more loyal audience. They are more likely to show up regularly if they know when, and they trust you will show up. They can schedule it into their busy lives more easily and are more likely to add it to their schedule when they see you commit to it. 

3- It Increases Engagement

With increased loyalty comes increased engagement and interaction. Consistency ensures that more viewers show up and interact, as you gain more of their trust. 

4- It Increases Respect and Credibility

Again, when you are consistent, the expectations your audience has set for you are often met. Meaning your respect and creditability are increased, too, as you continue to show your value. 

Don’t let the common mistake of inconsistency get in your way of being the next successful streamer – the benefits far outweigh the reasons to avoid it. Through consistency, you achieve the respect, credibility, and loyalty you need to be successful. 

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