Why Set (and Re-set) Goals?

Goals can change as life circumstances change. In these fast changing times, it may be necessary to readjust your goals for your business as well as your personal life. So, if you haven’t reset your goals recently, here are some reasons why it’s important not only to have them but also to keep them current.

Goals push you forward. Without them, you will stay stuck where you are. Everyone likes to be in their comfort zone, but the nature of life is to evolve and grow. Almost everyone has a deep desire that they would like to manifest. If they are serious, they will make it a goal. 

Goals define success and make it measurable. How do you define success? It’s going to be different for everyone. Even those in the same profession can have completely different goals. For example, take two coaches—one wants to make a 6-figure income doing live workshops, the other wants to create a legacy of many coaches using her signature process for their own clients.

Goals hold you accountable. Without a goal, you don’t have any way to account for your actions. With a goal, you know that if you don’t go to the gym today, you’ll never lose those extra 10 pounds (the goal). With a goal, you know that if you don’t send out 50 requests to join your Facebook group every day, you’ll never build a community of 5000 (the goal).

Goals set priorities. By breaking down goals into action steps, it becomes obvious what tasks are the priorities. If you need to grow your list to 2000, then all of your action steps should support that goal. Other business tasks become less of a priority. But if you are scheduling a launch of a new product and have a deadline, then the tasks associated with that become the priority.

Goals that are measurable recognize progress. It’s hard to see progress when it goes slowly. Like watching the grass grow, you don’t really notice anything for most of the time. The same is true of business growth—it happens slowly. When you have goals, and set milestones along the way, it’s easier to view your progress. However you define your own success, a goal will give you a perimeter that you can use to measure your progress.

Goals uplift morale. Knowing your priorities, and ultimate destination, helps motivate you to take action. For many of us, change is desired but at times seems difficult. Having something to shoot for and monitoring your progress can boost your morale. And seeing your progress spawns encouragement to keep going and promotes a sense of self-mastery.

Once you have set your goals and determined the action steps necessary to reach them with the goal-setting planner, you need to schedule your action steps. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use a pre-made planner. 

Every coach or consultant should have a long-term plan to ensure that you stay in business long enough to help all your future clients.

Goal setting is not the sexiest business task, so many people avoid doing it. But if you want a few strategies to make goal-setting an enjoyable experience—or even fun—I’ve got just the thing…

It’s a comprehensive planner designed to make goal-setting easy and fun. It’s called the “Simple & Fun Goal Setting Strategies: To Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever!” But it’s more than just getting you to set some goals. It gives you proven techniques for setting BIG goals you’ll actually achieve. It comes with a worksheet and checklist to help you get the most out of the program. Implement the strategies, and you can’t fail to achieve your goals! And you can get it here: https://iaplifecoaches.org/goal-setting

Simple and Fun Goal-Setting