10 Low Budget Marketing Tactics

Use These to Get More Leads

Did you know that you can do marketing like the pros without breaking the bank? By leveraging some effective low-cost digital marketing tactics, any business no matter how small can spread brand awareness, generate leads, and make more sales. You don’t need a big marketing budget to have a big impact.

Here are 10 low-cost or free marketing ideas you can start using today:

  1. Get into content marketing. The first suggestion that would come from any good Denver digital marketing agency, or others in the industry, would be to create unique, helpful content and share it far and wide across the internet. Content marketing is becoming more and more popular as your target market gets used to finding the solutions they are looking for in the plethora of content available online. Take full advantage of this phenomenon.
  2. Find the online groups where your target market hangs out and interact with them there. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the best places to look. LinkedIn alone has over 2 million active groups. Utilizing your Facebook and Instagram followers might help you get a better reach to spread the word about your brand.
  3. Blog regularly. Attach a blog page to your site and keep it updated with fresh content. The search engines love it when you keep adding content to your site and blogging is the easiest way to do it.
  4. Share useful tips on social media. Try to get your audience liking and sharing. Start gathering tips you can share and always have a call-to-action of liking and sharing. This could help your company or website gain more attention. If you don’t know where to start, you could employ a Digital Marketing Company to help you.
  5. Create a social media group related to your brand. This is a great way to attract a tribe of people who like what you are doing and are more likely to become future buyers. You can do much more interaction with them in the groups than through email.
  6. Build an email list and send your subscribers exclusive content, industry news, and special deals. By far the biggest asset in your business is your list. Use your social media group to move those people onto your list. You could also make use of an evergreen funnel to generate sales for your products or services.
  7. Write press releases. Take some event in your business or industry and tell the public about it. It’s a way to extend your reach and brand your business. You can even do this every time you launch a new product or program.
  8. Follow conversations online related to your business. You can learn a great deal about your market by seeing what conversations they’re having. You can also pick up the exact verbiage they use and incorporate it into your own marketing copy.
  9. Send out a customer satisfaction survey. Get feedback from customers that you can use to make improvements to your products or services. They are the best resource you have for this.
  10. Create collaborative content with a business partner or colleague This is a win-win where you each get exposure to the other’s audience. This tactic can grow your business exponentially.

Just take an idea from this list and give it a try. Monitor your results and then see where you can improve. Add a new tactic when you’re ready, then the next tactic, and so on. Download this list HERE.

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