7 Benefits of Living by Your Own Rules

7 Benefits of Living by Your Own Rules

From childhood on, we are taught to fit in. We do what’s expected. We learn to conform, and we can even stop taking chances. But, after a while, this can feel a little boring. Worse, we might even start wondering who we are. 

It’s time to take back control. It’s time to live by your own rules.

Here’s why:

You’ll Like YOU Better

It’s hard to have a lot of self-respect if you’re always compromising who you are. When you stick to your personal belief system and act in ways that are authentic to yourself, you’ll find you like yourself a whole lot more.  

Others Will Like You Better

You’re not the only one who’s going to notice the change. When you stop wearing masks, people appreciate your authenticity. This kind of honesty also gives them the space to be vulnerable, something which is hard to find. It’s no wonder they’ll respect you more when you’re yourself.

You Bounce Back

If you fail, then you know it’s on you. Accept whatever lessons the experience teaches you and move on. When you lose by your own rules, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

More Intimate Relationships

How can anyone possibly fall in love with a fake person? When you’re always showing the other person your “best self”, they never get to know the true you. Relationships grow and develop where there’s intimacy. Intimacy comes from being honest. 

You’ll Rediscover Passion

When you’re always doing what everyone else wants, it’s hard to feel fulfilled in your work. When you set your own goals and aspire to reach your dreams, you’ll find life much more rewarding. You can never be delighted unless you are excited about what you’re doing. Here’s where passion lies. 

You Don’t Miss Out

Don’t you hate regrets? When you look back on your life, what would you most like to see? Do you want to be able to say, “I did what everyone expected” or “I realized my dreams”?

You Discover Optimism

In the end, it’s easier to look forward to a day when you know you are pursuing the things you are passionate about. Here lies happiness, and a whole lot of optimism toward what comes next.  

You’re going to find there are still times when you need to live by someone else’s rules. It would help if you drove the speed limit. You can’t just take what isn’t yours. But on the other hand, in those times when you do have control, you’re going to find you’re much happier when you call the shots. Be yourself. Do your own thing. Embrace life. 

And only follow the rules when you have to.