7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 3

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This Week – Part 3This is the last of a series on tips for getting new clients and building a solid networking and visibility base so you are able to get new clients quickly,. (See Part 1 HERE.  See Part 2 HERE.)

1) Offer [XX] Free Coaching Sessions to Group Members

Do you belong to forums or groups? Chances are, you’ve been a member of at least a couple for a good while, and are comfortable with a core group of peers/fellow members.

If the membership site or group that you belong to allows you to post special offers, create one just for group members.

  • Set a time limit on it, if it is free or has a special low price
  • Limit the number of people you will accept too

The beauty of special offers within closed forums, membership sites or groups is that everyone expects to be asked for testimonials—but be up front anyway, and let them know what you expect in return.

2) Recycle Existing Material

You’ve created content for your blog, written articles, created lesson plans and so on—right? Don’t reinvent the wheel (pardon the cliché but it’s a true one!) Instead, use what you’ve already created to:

  • Create a free or paid email course
  • Create a video or podcast
  • Bundle all your material together and use as the core of an eBook
  • Put it in a package
  • Re-purpose articles into checklists, worksheets, templates, quizzes or kits

Use any of the above as a sign-up bonus!

3) Learn What Works for You

Don’t give yourself a nervous breakdown trying to learn strategies that just don’t feel right for you. Instead, be observant. Learn what works. When do people ask you for help? What do they ask you for help with?

Knowing this, what would best appeal to them to “hook” them into engaging in more than a casual conversation: An eBook? A Special One-Time-Only offer? A webinar?

4) Don’t be Afraid to Start Out Slow, if you’re a New Coach

If your focus is on making money only, you’re not going to have an auspicious opening. Don’t worry if you only attract one or two clients at first: You’ll find, if you’re new, that things may not run as smoothly as you planned.

You’ll see where you need to re-word your contract, change a policy, add a paragraph, let your clients know something up front or provide a particular aide or resource.

With each client, your process will become smoother and more dynamic.

And do look for openings to ask them to recommend you, if they are happy at the end of the sessions (or a few sessions in, when trust has been established.)

5) Ask for Introductions

Or recommendations, testimonials, or whatever word for “referral” is comfortable in your client’s circles.

Put a form on your web page specifically for “feedback”… or send an email at the end of the session asking for feedback. (Ask specific questions such as: “What one goal do you feel I helped with the most?”)

6) Create a “Client Success Stories” Tab on your Site

But don’t focus solely on having them sing your praises: Feature your clients and their achievements—make the focus on them. And only include quotes that speak of specific challenges or goals you helped them overcome/achieve.

Do this, and pretty soon, clients will be eager to become one of your “Success Stories”.

7) Invest in Coaching for Yourself

While it’s solid strategy to avoid as many expenses as possible, your first year, there is one thing you shouldn’t skimp on: Coaching sessions for you.

A supportive and shrewd coach can help you brainstorm unique strategies for your particular coaching business much better and faster than any list or book.

So do invest strategically in coaching—and pretty soon, you’ll be writing client attraction strategies of your own!

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