A Powerful Sales Formula

This article was written by James I. Bond and Jeannette Koczela

The Formula-cropped
How would you like a simple but powerful sales formula that instantly makes your ads, talks, emails, web pages, and other promotions more effective?

After working with hundreds of businesses and their sales teams, James I. Bond developed a sales formula that you can use for all of those marketing items.

The formula is “PSC – FBA”, referring to:
   ● PROBLEM — What problem does your product or service solve?
Every business solves a problem. Even Disneyland is the solution to a problem: “What are we going to do with the kids during vacation?” — or “Where can we go to have an amazing vacation that makes us feel like kids again?”
So… what problem do you solve?

   ● SOLUTION — In a few words, (a) What is the solution you are offering? and (b) Why is it better than what your prospect is already doing or considering?

   ● CREDIBILITY — Why should anyone believe you?
Social proof is becoming more and more important as the industry gets more crowded.

   ● FEATURES — What are the key elements of your product or service? 
For a coaching program it may be how long it is, what it includes content-wise, and how it’s delivered.

   ● BENEFITS — How do these features benefit the prospect?
This is where the phrase “so you can…” comes in—what are the predicted results of your product or program?

   ● ACTION — What next step or action should the potential customer take if they are interested? (Maybe give your prospect a deadline to encourage them to act now — because only a few are available, or because the price or offer will soon be changing.)

This formula works because it goes through the thinking process — the same way a prospect goes through it in their mind. So, P-S-C-F-B-A:
   ● Have you identified a problem or issue I am interested in? (problem)
   ● What is the solution you are proposing? Why is that solution better than what I am using or considering? (solution)
   ● Why should I believe you? (credibility)
   ● What are the features? (features)
   ● How do those features benefit me? (benefits)
   ● If I’m interested, what should I do next? (action)

The following example is about a product, but the PSCFBA works for coaching services as well… 

[Problem] Are you suffering from back pain and nothing seems to be helping? 

[Solution] Well, the Teeter Upside-Down Back Machine for Inversion-Therapy might be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. Unlike drugs that just mask the problem, it targets your back pain at the source, providing the easy and permanent relief you’ve wanted but were not able to find anywhere. 

[Credibility] You’ve seen us advertised on TV; It’s helped millions of people like you, to find relief using it for just minutes a day; We have a AAA Rating with the Better Business Bureau; Read our numerous testimonials; and we have a no-strings-attached money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely no risk. 

[Features] It has unique and patented features, including movable acupressure nodes, a lumbar bridge, and a free get-started-fast video. 

[Benefits] This means you can customize the Teeter to get fast relief for the specific areas causing you the most pain. 

[Action] Order now. You get a 30-day in-home trial for only $14.95. Ships to you FREE. TRY IT FOR 30 DAYS, then just 3 payments of $99.95. Plus, order today and you’ll get all these bonuses… (etc). 

See how this process works? Let’s look at one for a business coach:

[Problem] Are you so overwhelmed with business activities that you feel paralyzed and stuck?

[Solution] Well, the “Coaches on Fire” program might be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for because we show you how to change a behavior inside yourself that gets you to accomplish a stretch goal and have fun while doing it. This process will inspire and motivate you more than goals may have before .

[Credibility] This was created by James I. Bond, who is one of America’s leading behavioral management specialists, and author of the award-winning book, BRAIN GLUE – How Selling Becomes Much Easier By Making Your Ideas “Sticky,” which he recently completed a TED talk on. For thirteen years he ran one of Southern California’s leading behavioral management firms, working with a who’s who of American business.

[Features] This is a 12-week live group coaching program that comes with four courses on persuasion, influence, selling made easier, and marketing for top coaches. 

[Benefits] If you’re serious about tackling your biggest goal while eliminating the overwhelm and simplifying your life, we need to talk. Bottom line…we walk with coaches to cross the finish line of one of their most valuable goals.

[Action] Book an appointment now to see how we can help you get to the finish line on one of your most important goals at: https://iaplifecoaches.org.call 

This whole sequence can be used for social media posts, an email, and/or an ad (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google ads).

Now you try it. (Download the worksheet HERE.)

By the way, the second example is a real-life one and James I. Bond and I are offering a limited number of free strategy sessions to show you how you can uncover your prospects’ deepest desires and get them to tell you exactly how to turn them into a client!

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