Believe in Yourself

One of the biggest keys to your success is to believe in yourself.  So many times I see coaches get discouraged in the beginning stages of their coaching business when things don’t go well or disappointments occur.  This is the time when you need to be vigilant about staying in control of your mindset.  The best way to do that is to remember to believe in yourself—your abilities, your gifts, your mission, and your vision.

So often we tend to focus on what went wrong and beat ourselves up for it, instead of focusing on what has gone well.  That’s because for some reason the human brain blows negative things way out of proportion. But you can stop that tendency by simply and deliberately focusing on all the little things that you have done right.

Here are 4 things I did that helped me get my business into profit.

1) One NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) technique is to imagine the negative situation as a big round ball and then decrease its size down to a small tiny speck.  Then take something that went right and blow it up in your mind to a big, big ball of light that explodes out into the universe.  You can add audio effects of angels cheering and feeling of all the goodness that you are sending out to everyone! 

2) Another technique is what I call positive evidence.  During the day write down everything that happens to you or that you do that goes well—i.e. that is positive evidence that you are moving forward to reach your goals.  This will train your brain to focus more on the positive things.  Doing this exercise for 30 days will entrain your brain.

3) A third method is to just take about 5 minutes to be in the now moment and feel your inner happiness.  When you’re really in the NOW, you aren’t thinking about all the challenges, to-dos, or even wins in that moment.  You just experience that inner happiness that’s always there but just sometimes gets taken for granted.

4) One more thing I did, which catapulted my business forward was that when I was totally in the dumps about my business and had no income for several months, I choose to put all my attention on the one or two small positive things that had happened.  For example, I met someone who might be a potential joint venture partner and our conversation sounded promising.  Whenever someone asked me how my business was going, instead of thinking about the dismal sales, I focused on that one positive happening and said, “It’s going great!  Things are really happening.”  After doing that for a month or so, other postive things started happening.

When I started doing these things, I found that things started happening in my business and I went from a dismal $100 to $500 or so a month income, to almost 10 times that amount in 4 to 5 months.

So I want to remind you that it’s not just about marketing techniques and strategies when it comes to creating a successful business.  It’s also about your self-talk, your thoughts, and how you control your attention…AND how much you believe in yourself. Remember: you are amazing, and you have an amazing gift to share.  Believe in yourself!

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