Biz Building Blocks – Part 7

handshakeHere is the next step in Brendon Burchard’s Business Building Blocks from his book, “The Millionaire Messenger.”

Step 9: Get promotional partners

You can go only so far with your business by yourself. Coaches who make multiple 6 and 7-figure incomes solicit the support of joint venture and affiliate partners. This is where you find opportunities to share your message with other people’s audiences.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that by having someone recommend you to their audience, they are in effect, endorsing you. And with their endorsement that audience is more likely to listen to what you have to say.

There are many different ways to do that. You could have a partner…

  • Interview you
  • Send an email to their list
  • Post info on their social media networks
  • Do a podcast with you
  • Host your webinar
  • Develop a product with you

How do you find partners who will promote you?

You can start by doing online research. Search for other experts on your topic or look to see who are the leaders of online groups for that topic. One way to find them is to Google “speaker bureau” and see who is speaking about your topic. Another way is to see whose books about your topic are best sellers on Amazon.

One of the best ways to find partners is to attend events and conferences in your industry. This is where you will meet others who are doing the same or similar programs to yours and have the same or similar audience to yours (i.e. your competitors).

Once you find them, you need to find out what they offer their audiences, how large their audience is, what products they sell, etc. so you can determine if they are a good match. Then you negotiate a partnership with them. It may be one where they just offer your freebie and you build your list that way. Or they may want to offer your low-end product and receive a commission on any sales. They may want you to do a reciprocal promotion to your audience. Anything is possible and everything is negotiable.

Once you find a good partner, nurture that relationship because they could be a source of additional revenue for years to come.

Burchard warns us to only look for promotional partners after you have completed his previous steps. In other words, you must have a successful product that has a track record. Also, he says, you must know if their audience would value what you have to offer.