Business Building Blocks: Burchard’s 10 Steps-Part 3

This article is part of a series of articles about Brendon Burchard’s 10 steps to building an “empire” from his book,  “The Millionaire Messenger.” These are very helpful to know if you are a new coach.  But if you are a seasoned coach who needs more clients, it’s helpful to revisit these steps periodically to refine your marketing. (Read about the first 4 steps in the previous newsletters.)

Continuing with Brendon Burchard’s 10-step process for creating a successful business, we come to: 

Step 5: Create a Solution

Once you know whom you can help and how you can help them with your services, you need to create a solution for them.  As a coach, you may be thinking, but I don’t need a product, I’ll just coach the client on whatever they need help with. And that’s fine if you just want to coach people. But if you want to make money coaching you need to have a product or program you can market to potential clients.

You need a small solution and a big solution. The small solution is something that will get them in the door by solving a small problem.  I call it a “gateway” and it’s usually a gift you offer in exchange for people’s email address for your list. You use the list to build relationships with those people so that when they are ready, they will hire you.

The big solution is your program/service that takes them further into solving a bigger problem.

Coaches want to make an income with their expertise but you have to take the time to sit down and create a program or product. Part of the reason many coaches don’t  is that they don’t know where to begin.  Here are some steps you can take to create a product or program.

First, decide how you will deliver the information your customer wants to receive. There are several ways people can receive information.

  1. Read it: ebook, report, PDF, article, workbook, planner, guide, transcript, email series, ecourse
  2. Hear it: audio recording, CD, MP3, conference call, one-on-one phone call, audio series, teleclass, telesummit
  3. Watch it: DVD, video, webinar, mobile video app
  4. Experience it: live event, workshop, retreat, seminar
  5. Master it: mastermind program, membership, group coaching, mentorship program

Second, decide what content you will use.  If you have a process, what are the steps? How will you get your customers from Point A to Point B? Write down the steps you will take them through to solve the small problem and the bigger problem. That will be your outline.

Then from there, to flesh in the content, go deeper into each step, provide examples, case studies, common obstacles, and success secrets.

The small solution gift may just be a list of the steps in your process and a paragraph about each one. Then your bigger solution (service) will be going deeper into each step in the sequence as you have outlined.

It’s probably all in your head, and now it’s time to get it down on paper or recorded so you have a product you can market and sell. You can also use this process to create an entry-level paid product or products.

Whatever the solution is that you decide to create, have fun with it!

Next time I’ll continue with more of Burchard’s steps for building an expert empire. (Get the book for free plus shipping and a training from Brenden HERE.)