How to Build Trust: Under-Promise and Over-Deliver Everything

How to Build Trust Under-Promise and Over-Deliver Everything

Want to know how to instantly build trust and keep your customers happy enough to brag about you to everyone who will hear them out? It’s simple: under-promise and over-deliver. This goes for everything you do in your business from sending emails and posting on social media to delivering your products and services.

Why It Pays To Under promise And Over deliver

There’s a reason why you always want to under-promise and over-deliver. It gives your customers a positive experience with you. Who doesn’t love getting something they bought a little sooner than expected. And who doesn’t love a little something extra.

If you’ve bought something from Etsy, you may see that many sellers will throw in a little gift. Some stickers, a notecard, a pen … It’s a fun surprise and something that makes for a better experience. That’s what you want to do with every part of your online business.

How To Do This with Content

Let’s say you set the expectation, or promise your readers a new blog post every week. Throw in a bonus post every so often. Or expand on your post with a short report or a video to go a little deeper. Or how about a live Q&A session where they can ask you questions about the content you shared over the past month? Get creative and give them a little something extra.

How To Do This with Email

Get into a routine with your emails from day one. For example, you could share with your subscribers that your newsletter will come out every Wednesday. Step one will be to make sure that it goes out every Wednesday like clockwork. Thankfully that’s easy to do with the scheduling feature any good autoresponder service has. Then every once in a while – maybe once a month or so – pop in with something extra. Or give them something they weren’t expecting in that newsletter – a product, a bonus, or a printable. Repurpose things you already have to make this quick and easy.

How To Do This with Your Paid Products and Services

Most importantly, over-deliver your products and services. Always give yourself a cushion when it comes to delivering. It’s better to deliver early than late. The same goes for the content. Don’t advertise everything included and position the extras as unannounced bonuses. This will give your customers more value than what they expected.

Always be on the lookout to give your audience a little something extra. Something unexpected that will make their day. Not only will they be happy and impressed, but they’ll be so excited they will turn into brand ambassadors for you, spreading the word about the extra mile you’re willing to go.

Last but not least, over-delivering and building goodwill with your customers helps when on occasion you can’t meet a deadline or you make a mistake. It happens. We’ve all screwed up a product delivery or missed sending out an email we promised. When you over-deliver on a consistent basis, you have built up enough of a cushion and more importantly enough trust with your audience that they will forgive you without a second thought.