Insert Branding Throughout Your Website

Website design is imperative for any company or business. No matter what you are selling or what services you are offering, you must have the tools and skills to draw in your customers with visual marketing and tactical words. And this is through website design. Think about when you visit a new website; what page do you start on?

What elements catch your eye first? How do these elements portray the brand message? Even if you’re not consciously thinking about these things, there’s always a concrete reason why you click away from a site to continue your search, and the same is true for your visitors. After you have your website in place, you need to start at page one of your site and take notice of elements that need updating. Here are four suggestions:

  1. Your header. The brand colors, design elements and an eye-catching header will (subconsciously) encourage people to keep reading your home page.
  2. Your headshot. Whether it’s included in the header or used in a sidebar, visitors are more at ease seeing a person’s face and knowing that you’re a real person. A professional headshot adds a personal touch to the site. Your visitors will see you as approachable and know that they can actually reach you if they call, instead of being put into a vicious voicemail cycle.
  3. Your opt-in box. Don’t be stuck with a boring old sign-up box design. Your web designer can easily integrate a design to make your opt-in stand out even more. (A word of advice: if you’re not building your list yet, you need to start!)
  4. Your author’s signature box. Utilize the end of every blog post to include both your author information and a call to action. Insert your brand colors and/or a different headshot photo that still conveys your brand message. Convince your readers why YOU are the coach they’ve been searching for. The key here is to keep the verbiage to a minimum but also include a link: to the opt-in offer, a waiting list, or to your signature product or book. Use a varied version of your author’s box, too, when you write articles for other companies, such as a guest blogger.

Is it Time to Outsource Your Branding Photos?

Updated branding images go hand-in-hand with an updated website. You may need to tweak your design from time to time to keep the website working well. You could hire a web designer to help you with this. When was the last time you changed your social media headshot? How about the header on your website? If your headshot photos are older than 18-24 months OR if your style or outward appearance has significantly changed, then you need updated photos. It doesn’t matter that you look like a supermodel in this photo from the 90s. Chances are you don’t look the same this many years later. But perhaps it’s more important to clients for you to look more experienced! Keep up to date.

Social media and website photos are just two of many areas where it’s important to have updated photos and design elements so visitors and followers know that you’re still in business and that you invest in your business image. We’re talking about your BUSINESS image: the image you show to the world; the image that represents YOU as a coach; the image that will earn you a full time living. So maybe it’s time to get some professional photographs taken.

Photographers Add Expertise and Creativity

Hiring a photographer for a photoshoot is something that many coaches have done to enhance their website. Professional photographers have a way of putting their models at ease and will know which poses are most flattering for your body type.

Good photographers are artists and can add creative suggestions to a photoshoot. You are ultimately in charge of your brand image but professional photographers will offer suggestions for poses, locations, wardrobe, or props to use. Some suggestions may seem really wild while others might just make sense. So it helps to keep an open mind when consulting with your photographer because you may stumble upon a wonderful idea that will improve your brand image significantly.

When YOU are the face of your business, it’s imperative to portray yourself in the best light. Professional photos help attract high quality clients who are willing and able to spend money with you.

In Summary:

If you want to command higher coaching prices and book speaking engagements, then you need to create a personal brand that is seen throughout your website. And professional photos will increase perceived value, so invest in a photographer.

Need more help? Here’s a worksheet you can fill in to help you use content to create your personal brand.