Dec 09

It’s All in the Follow-up

A saying in the coaching industry is that the money is in the follow-up. And it’s so true. That’s because it’s much easier and more cost effective to sell a current or former client a new product than it is to find a new client.
Most of your marketing efforts and costs will go towards getting new clients. But once you have them, you are leaving even more money on the table by not nurturing them with follow-up. Part of follow-up includes checking up on them if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Putting them on an email series is another way of following up with them.

This goes for prospects as well as clients. People on your list may be interested in your product but not ready for it. By having an email series for your list, you are keeping your name in front of them and when they are ready, they will think of you.  Why? Because you have been sending them great content and tips.

For clients, just because that have bought something doesn’t mean you forget about them.  These people are gold and are far more likely to buy from you again than a cold or warm lead.
You can also think about what they need next and design a product around that topic. For example, my product, “LinkedIncome Blueprint” is designed to help entrepreneurs get leads. But then they are going to need to know how to turn those leads into clients. So they will need a product on sales training after they learn how to get leads.
Your product may help solve a particular problem.  But once your client gets the solution, there will be other problems that come up, which you can also solve.
That’s where you can introduce another service that will help them with that new problem.  It’s a much easier sell because they already buyers who know, like, and trust you.

Retaining clients is just as important as getting them in the first place.  Here are some tips:

  • Once you get clients, you want to help them feel like you really care about them and are there for them.
  • Always add new clients to an email series that gives them extra tips and pointers. 
  • If you see your clients commenting in online groups you are both in, acknowledge them or comment on it.
  • Send them a link when you see an article that you think a client would appreciate.
  • Give them a phone call. Everyone likes to get a surprise call from their coach/mentor.
  • Send them a gift—either a digital one, or one through snail mail. I don’t know anyone who isn’t delighted by an unexpected gift! 

Don’t get over-complacent
Just because someone made a purchase doesn’t mean you never have to connect with them again. Even with a digital product, a follow-up system can turn a percentage of first-time buyers into second and third-time buyers.  It’s all in the follow-up. Make sure you are sending them extra stuff to give them added value. Also have an online group they can have lifetime access to so they can ask questions and interact with other buyers.