Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Free Leads  

You were probably under the impression that LinkedIn is for employers looking for employees.  You probably thought that even as a business owner, your summary should look like a resumé. You also probably didn’t think of including LinkedIn in your article marketing campaigns. But all of this is not only possible, but relatively easy. And the best way to do that is to take advantage of LinkedIn algorithms.

Why pay for leads, when you can get all you need for free on LinkedIn. We all know about the power of good SEO for our websites and how search engine algorithms can affect our online visibility.  But did you know that LinkedIn is a mini-universe with it’s own SEO and algorithms?

Let’s look at some astonishing statistics.  There are over 450 million users—about 2 new members every second.  In addition, there are over 45 million people searches done monthly on LinkedIn. 

If you utilize the potential of the algorithms on LinkedIn, you can get enough exposure to field all the leads you need for your business and make it easier for your potential clients to find you. 

The SEO of LinkedIn starts with your LinkedIn profile.  There are 7 areas where you can maximize your LinkedIn profile so that you can get all the free leads you need from this one source.

  1. Title

You can use keywords in every section of your profile but the most important area is your title.

You can’t just put “Owner” or “Founder” and the name of your business, because no one is going to do a search for owner, or founder, or the name of your business either.  They will probably doing a search for someone who can help them with a problem.  For example, if they are having problems in their relationship, they may search for a marriage counselor, relationship coach, or therapist. Or they may use the keywords such as marriage problems, dating issues, or find a soulmate.

In deciding on a keyword for your title, think about what you want to be known for in a specific way.  In other words, you may be a business coach but, just as in Google, you aren’t going to get to the first page with that keyword.  So you should look for a keyword phrase that you can get a higher ranking for, such as “Business Coach for Bookkeepers” or “Bookkeeper Business Coach.”


  1. Summary

LinkedIn gives you a limit of 1975 characters (with spaces) for your summary area and you should take advantage of all of it. Start this section with your elevator pitch:

Your title again, who you help, what they are struggling with

It helps to use bullet points because many viewers will only scan.  Here are some suggested bullet point areas:

  • Specific challenges you address
  • Specific results you help people achieve
  • Why you are different from your competitors
  • How you help people achieve these results
  • How to learn more
  • Connection and contact info


  1. Experience

This is where you list your current and past jobs.  But as an entrepreneur, it’s another space to utilize for more exposure.  Your current “job” is your business name and you can use the same title you crafted in the title section—your keyword phrase again. Then give a brief description of how you help people and what the expected results are.

You can list more than one current job if you want to, if for example, you are a business coach and also help people with their marketing.  You could list both business coach and marketing coach as separate jobs with separate descriptions.

You can also add blog posts, videos, and slide presentations here too.


  1. Projects

Here you can list several things.  They can be your services listed separately; freebies you offer; actual projects you are working on; or a published article or ebook.  You can provide a link to each of these and the title will be hot linked to your sales page.  You can list as many as you want.  The way to make them appear in the order you wish is to date them in reverse chronological order.


  1. Publications

If you have written a book, or were in a group book, you can list it here with a link to purchase it. You can also use this space to list a special report or ebook that you sell or giveaway here.


  1. Education

As a business owner, your education may not be that important, but if you are in a service-based business, credentials are necessary and this is where you can list them. For example, a life coach can list the coaching and certification programs they have taken.


  1. Pulse

Although this isn’t an area of your profile, publishing articles in LinkedIn’s “Pulse” will also give you outstanding SEO results on LinkedIn and get a lot of extra exposure.  It also allows people to comment on your article, just like a blog, which can improve your rankings.  Plus, LinkedIn promotes the Pulse articles, which gives you even more exposure. Be sure to include a graphic (to their specified dimensions) to make your article more attractive.


In Conclusion

Those are 7 areas where you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s SEO and algorithms to make it super easy for people to find you when they search for someone to help them on LinkedIn.  Many customers are taking advantage of LinkedIn’s ability to zero in on professionals who solve specific problems and you can attract more clients by utilizing your profile to get more business. Get my free report, “How Solopreneurs Can Get 30-60 High-Quality Leads a Month Without Spending a Dime” and start getting leads that you can turn into clients easily. Download it HERE.