All-New Business Bootcamp for Coaches

I’m so excited to announce that the doors are officially open to my friend Melinda Cohan’s NEW Easy-Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp 2.0! (But only for the next 3 days.)

What IS the Easy-Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp? It’s a world-class, 10-week program that gives new and seasoned coaches exactly what they need to get their businesses up and running … from best practices to strategies to all-inclusive software to support … and actual lead generation tools and done-for-you coaching programs.

You can enroll here:

Melinda partnered with coach Kate Steinbacher to create The Coaches Console, an all-inclusive technology platform specifically for coaches. It manages the back end of the business, so you can focus on what you do best: coaching.

They soon realized that they could help coaches succeed if they offered them even more: resources, trainings, support, and guidance about how to create a thriving coaching business from the ground up, and support to ensure their students enjoy this awesome business-building journey.

That’s why they created the Easy-Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp. 

And this year, they’ve completely revamped it to give you exactly what you need to get your coaching business up and running profitably and seamlessly, while you focus on coaching. 

And you can enroll now, here.

Melinda and JeannetteI sure wish I had access to something like this when I was just starting out. It would have made things so much easier! I met Melinda at an event and got to know her and she does what she does really well.

When you enroll in their ALL NEW, Easy-Breezy Coaching Bootcamp 2.0, you get access to the entire NEW course:

  • NEW!Two pre-Bootcamp modules to guide you in laying the foundation for your mindset and business, so you are unstoppable.
  • NEW!Seven Main Modules, with new content developed around the Best Practices of creating a thriving coaching business.
  • NEW!Two post-experience modules to help you transition from Bootcamp student to business owner.
  • NEW!Done-for-You List Building & Client-Getting Package (includes promo emails, opt-in page, autoresponders, sales page, online product, onboarding emails—AND they’ve pre-built it all into the technology FOR you, so you don’t have to do it).
  • PLUS:8 Strategies to Grow Your List & 5 Methods to Make Money right out of the gate (Training Series).
  • PLUS:Network Your Way to an Abundant Business Training Series.
  • PLUS:30+ templates, scripts, and forms to make content creation and implementation simple, easy, and effortless.
  • PLUS:Four Live Clinic Calls & Hot Seat Coaching LIVE with Melinda.
  • PLUS:LIFETIME access to weekly Group Coaching with co-Founder Kate Steinbacher and Rockstar Bootcamp Coaches to get all your questions answered.
  • PLUS:Unlimited online access to your own personal Bootcamp Coach for added support and accountability.

AND the following FREE BONUSES:

  • FREE!SIX months TOTAL Coaches Console System ($1482 value).
  • FREE!Unlimited access to Easy Breezy Bootcamp Community.
  • FREE!A ticket to LifestyleLIVE!, The Coaches Console’s first-ever live event in early 2018 ($499 value)! This three-day event is ONLY for The Coaches Console members, grads, and Bootcampers, and it will be packed with business AND lifestyle content, contests, prizes, and LOVE in a destination location. It’s going to be SO. Much. FUN!!!

Now, more than ever, Bootcamp is designed to closely align with The Coaches Console System and to give you exactly what you need to get your business up and running, smoothly and profitably!

Remember, when you register to join Melinda for her NEW Easy-Breezy Bootcamp 2.0, you’ll get six months of membership in The TOTAL Coaches Console System where you’ll implement everything you learn during Bootcamp!

Go here to register now: