Planning Products for Multiple Sales

planning products for multiple salesIn keeping with this month’s focus on email engagement, this article is about planning products for multiple sales, so you can sell them to existing customers. 

Fact: It’s easier to sell another product to an existing customer than it is to find a new customer. With that in mind, it makes sense to plan out a product funnel that allows people to make multiple purchases from you. That way, instead of focusing all your energy on going out and finding new customers, you can also focus on creating new products and on serving your existing customer base. 

I’m not saying to stop looking for new customers. That’s always a smart business practice. I’m simply saying that if you create a series of related products to sell to your existing customer base, you stand to make additional profit from every single customer. 

There are a few different ways to do this. Let’s run through them, so you can pick whatever planning strategy will work best for you and your customer base. 

1-Step By Step Product Funnel 

With this product planning strategy, you help your customers or students do one thing with the first product. For the next product, you think about what they need to do next, and then next after that. For example, let’s say you start with a product about writing your first kindle book. Your next product could teach them how to create a cover and upload it to Amazon. The one after that could be all about how to market a kindle book, etc. 

product steps

You see how a product funnel works? (Here’s an article about funnels.) Each product builds on the one before, and it makes perfect sense for your customers to work through the first, then buy the second, third, and so forth. Each product is designed to help them take the next step until they reach their final goal. 

2-Creating Related Products On Similar Topics 

If a step by step product funnel doesn’t make sense for your particular market, you can create products on closely related topics. For example, if you’ve been teaching someone how to blog, you could then create products on email writing, and info product creation. As with the previous example, it’s easier to email an existing customer list with offers like this than it is to email new prospects. 

related products

3-Creating Consumable Products Or Membership Sites For Frequent Sales 

Last but not least, think about products or services you can create that your customers would buy again and again. Let’s say you’re a writer and you’re offering ghostwriting service. You could create an offer to write 10 articles on any topic for a set fee. You could then keep marketing that offer month after month, and your clients will buy anytime they need a new set of articles. 

Membership sites are another great option for multiple sales. Maybe there’s a new topic you can teach each month, or some templates and cheat sheets you can create for your members. Memberships are a great way to create passive income. And it gives you the opportunity to create a new product every month.

In Summary: Take a look at all three strategies for creating more products that you can sell to your customer base. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit. Then get to work creating new products on a regular basis. 

Download this free worksheet to map out your multiple sales funnels here: