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A Guide to Writing Attention-Getting and Result-Oriented Emails

Writing attention-getting and results-oriented emails

So You Can Build Relationships With Your Subscribers Marketers will tell you that “the money is in the list” and they’re not joking. It’s true.  In fact, according to McKinsey & Company, email marketing is almost 40 times better at new customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined. The Direct Marketing Association reports that marketing …

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Setting Up Highly Targeted Opt-In Offers to Grow Your List Quickly

Fast-Track-Guide summary

If you are just starting out in business, this guide is designed to show you how to start growing an email list of potential clients that you can turn into paying ones. It covers all the basics. (If you are a more seasoned entrepreneur, revisit this blog for more advanced strategy posts.) One advantage of …

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Using Foreshadowing To Improve Your Email Open Rates

Using Foreshadowing

How to Use Foreshadowing Email marketing can help make a living. It can sell your own products, or those you are an affiliate for. It can also help get more traffic to your blog and thus improve your advertising income. In other words, email marketing is a cornerstone of any online business.  Remember that the …

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Planning Products for Multiple Sales

planning products for multiple sales

In keeping with this month’s focus on email engagement, this article is about planning products for multiple sales, so you can sell them to existing customers.  Fact: It’s easier to sell another product to an existing customer than it is to find a new customer. With that in mind, it makes sense to plan out …

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5 Tips on Shared Content Vs. Paid Offers

How to strike a balance between free and paid content

Successful email marketing is a balancing act between shared content vs. paid offers. You share content that shows your readers that you know what you’re talking about, and you balance that with offers for paid products that allow you to earn a living. Let’s talk about how you can find the right balance, and come up …

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The Email Equivalent of an Open Door Policy

open door policy

One question that I hear a lot is, “How can I get more engagement from my subscribers?” You’ve heard of an “open door” policy, right? You may even have had a boss, a manager, or a teacher with that policy in place. If so, you know first-hand that this changes the culture of the workplace. …

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Setting and Meeting Expectations

Setting expectations

Here are some things you can do with your email marketing to create a little buzz and get subscribers looking for your emails.

Ten Email Audit Tips


To Run a More Profitable Campaign Follow these ten tips to ensure you run effective email audits and to create more profitable email marketing campaigns: Tip #1: Keep It Consistent Establish a proper routine for your audits. Weekly and monthly audits are a normal baseline to follow but should be adjusted depending on your niche, …

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What to Audit in Your Email Process

what to audit - email marketing

An email marketing audit is the process of reviewing your content, infrastructure, goals, marketing process, deliverability, and performance to ensure you are on the right path to running a successful campaign. To successfully run an email marketing audit, you must focus on auditing the following areas:   1-Marketing Goals and Company Values Reviewing your goals and company …

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Guide to Email Marketing Audits

Introduction  Marketing using email has been shown to be the most effective and budget-friendly way to communicate to your target audience. Businesses can expect to see around forty-two dollars in return for every email marketing dollar spent.  What’s more surprising is that, according to OptinMonster.com, email marketing produces more sales than social media marketing, with …

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