Special IAPLC Masterclass: The Power of Your Story-How to Become a Published Author

You are invited to attend live the special IAPLC Masterclass, “The Power of Your Story: Writing and Publishing Can Be Easy, Fast and Fun” by Deborah Jane Wells, March 27th, 2013, 4-5 pm EDT.

Always dreamed of becoming a published author?
Published previous books, but just can’t seem to get the next one on the page? Telling yourself it’s too hard and you don’t have the time? Perhaps you’ve written a book but don’t know what to include in a query letter? What could you possibly share that would offer real value to the mountain of books already on the market? And how would you ever manage to navigate the confusing and complex world of publishing and publicity?

If any or all of these questions resonate, have we got the Masterclass for you!

Some of the world’s most successful coaches say, if they could do one thing differently, they’d have become a published author much sooner. It’s a sure fire way to increase your visibility while touching a broad segment of the world’s population through an affordable medium.

Join Deborah Jane Wells—Life Coach, Organization Transformation Consultant, Artist, Author and Broadcast Personality—for an insightful and delightful look at the world of book writing and publishing that includes:

1. What being a published author can mean to you
2. Writing a book made easy
3. Repurposing your book material
4. Get started with a group book

It’s a know fact that published authors get more business than those who haven’t published. That’s because being published gives you credibility. But writing a book or even a chapter in a compilation book is a tough obstacle for many.

BUT… What if it’s much easier than you think? What if it could actually be fun? There are readers out there waiting for your unique message of hope, possibilities and empowerment. Join us and step even further into your greatness. You’ve got nothing to lose except your fears and limiting beliefs.

Come and learn how to write and publish, repurpose your writings, and the power of contributing to a group book. Call-in details are here:

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