Masterclass: “How To Create Your Brilliant Authentic Brand”

Would you like to attract more of your ideal clients?
Are you confused about your brand?
How can you create a rich and compelling brand?

IAPLC presents Masterclass, “How To Create Your Brilliant Authentic Brand and Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients” by Kimberley Lovell, April 3rd, 2013, 4pm EST. Attend the Class Live!

Join Kimberley Lovell—Spiritual Intuitive Healer & Holistic Business Mentor—for an informative class on the important subject of branding. In this transformational presentation you will learn:

  • The top 3 myths & mistakes about branding
  • How to develop a rich and compelling brand that attracts more of your ideal clients
  • How to communicate instantly with your clients unconscious mind so they get who you are and want to work with you

Learn just what a brand is and isn’t and how you can create a rich and compelling brand to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Find out more about Kimberley’s powerful work with Archetypes and how these apply to your business brand and call-in details here:


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