Attend the Live-Only IAPLC Masterclass, “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More”

Do you wish you could write like a pro?
Does your e-marketing stand out from the crowd?
Is the real you coming through in your marketing copy?

Learn how to write more authentic copy in the next live-only IAPLC masterclass: “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More,” by Debra Gilroy. March 20th, 2013, 4pm EST.  Call-in details here:

Deb’s in-demand, content packed presentation includes:
•    Marketing copy as a Visibility tool
•    10 tips on writing copy
•    5 ways to overcome writer’s block
•    Resources to help with marketing copy

Words of marketing  messages can be cheap, they can be misused, misunderstood, meaningless, jumbled, dull and lack clarity. We are saturated with them every single day in the media, in our e-mails, smart phones, ipods, the internet, not to mention everyone we meet. Which messages stand out for you in this mountain of mayhem? It is the message that has a true voice behind it, that is real, heartfelt, well thought out, and touching in an authentic way.

If you talk, you can write. If you can sell, you can write marketing copy. If can’t sell, writing marketing copy will help you sell, because it gives you the words you need to say.

Visibility Marketing Coach Deb Gilroy shares her top 10 tips on writing your marketing copy that stands out for maximum effectiveness.  Her approach to authentic, effective, strategic and STAND OUT marketing is evident in her copywriting tips that can help you to get better results for your business services and draw more ideal potential clients to your list.

You’ll learn just how to be authentic in your writing, what to include and what not to include, the best way to write if writing isn’t your major strength, how to get your voice heard in a big world, and more.  Deb plans to share not only the tips, but how to translate them into action in your copywriting!

Details at:

Deb Can be contacted at

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