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Free vs Paid Offers

Free-vs-paid offers

Which makes the most sense in your sales funnel? The way a sales funnel boosts sales is by presenting a series of offers that qualify leads and move them towards a core offer. ( See this article to learn more about a sales funnel of offers.) At each stage of your funnel, there are a …

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How Long Should Your Sales Funnel Be?

How long should your sales funnel be

Creating a sales funnel can sound like a formidable task but a necessary one if you want to be in business online. I discussed what a sales funnel of offers is and why business owners need one in this past post. One of the questions many businesses struggle with when building their first sales funnel  …

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What Is a “Sales Funnel of Offers” and Why Do You Need One?

What is a sales funnel of offers

Selling products and services online may give you access to a worldwide audience, but this doesn’t automatically result in massive sales or a successful business.  Securing customers and making sales takes hard work. That’s why it can be especially frustrating when you dedicate time, energy, and resources into promoting your offers but then see minimal …

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