Free Training: Double Your Fees-Double Your Sales

If you don’t have enough clients or aren’t earning the income you desire, the problem could be one of two things. It’s either a marketing issue or a sales issue.

If you aren’t getting much traffic to your site, or not getting 1-3 strategy sessions a week, it’s a marketing issue. If you are getting traffic and strategy sessions but your closing rate is under 60%, it’s a sales issue. Let’s focus on the second one today.

You must be able to know how to sell your products and/or programs if you want to stay in business. This is why many people who are starting out in the sales world, regardless of what they are selling, aim to get some form of training. Maybe you didn’t think that if you got into the coaching business you would have to also be a salesperson. But you do. Ask any entrepreneur.

You need a process for turning an interested prospect into a buyer. The important point here is that the sales conversion actually starts at the first contact with the prospect. Your sales system has to nurture the relationship between you and the prospect so that by the time they schedule a strategy session, they are pretty much ready to hire you or make use of your service. 

I know that was true for me. Recently I had a series of strategy sessions and it was so easy to enroll the people into my coaching program. And I realized that it was mostly because they were already sold when they came to the appointment. And why was that?—because of the work I did prior to that conversation.

This is just one strategy that you need to master in order to get sales for your coaching business. How would you like to hear more strategies from a master salesperson? How would you like to learn how to not only double your sales, but also double your fees? Well, you’re in luck.

I have arranged to have my colleague, Jennifer Diepstraten, a super-sales woman, give my network of coaches a special training about the sales issue. She’s also an expert on high-ticket sales and she’ll be including some advanced strategies for getting sales on high-ticket programs.

Her talk, “5 Keys to Double Your Fees” will be presented this Thursday, June 15 at 12pm ET. Come to find out how to repair your sales conversions and ask her questions you have about getting more high-ticket sales.

This is a talk you won’t want to miss! 

Get her gift, “The High-Ticket Selling Revolution,” here: