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How to Improve Your Sales Conversions and Get More Clients

  I heard a teleclass by a business coach who said that even 6-7 figure coaches only get 25-30% sales conversions in their enrollment conversations and that’s what you should shoot for. That means if you want 5 new clients a month, you need to have 20 conversations a month. Think about that for a …

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Video Tip: 3 Ways to Get More Conversations

If you want to get more sales conversations with potential clients,  but are having a hard time getting them, watch this for 3 ways to get more conversations this week: Download (no opt-in) below: “How to Get More Conversations With Potential Clients This Week”

Video Tip: 3 Ways to Get More Yeses

Would you like to increase your chances of getting a yes on your next discovery call? This video tip gives you 3 ways to get more yeses.

Sales Call Question #1

When having sales calls or enrollment conversations with prospects, there are certain questions you need to ask. The information you receive from the answers you get will help you later on in the sales call because you can use it to remind the prospect of what they said and help them take action. This video …

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Free Training: Double Your Fees-Double Your Sales

If you don’t have enough clients or aren’t earning the income you desire, the problem could be one of two things. It’s either a marketing issue or a sales issue. If you aren’t getting much traffic to your site, or not getting 1-3 strategy sessions a week, it’s a marketing issue. If you are getting …

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Video Tip #5: Improving Enrollment Conversations

Here is the fifth and final tip in the series on improving your enrollment conversations (or free sessions). This is one more easy thing that you can do that will make a world of difference. To view the previous tips go here: Tip 1   Tip 2   Tip 3   Tip 4   

Improving Your Enrollments: Tip #4

This video gives you another important tip for improving your enrollment conversations. It concerns what you say and how you strategically position it.  To view the previous tips go here: Tip 1   Tip 2   Tip 3  

Video Tip #3: Improving Enrollment Conversations

Here’s Video Tip #3 on improving enrollment conversations. In this one I share how to overcome the problem of when your only conversation on a given day doesn’t turn into a paying client.   Can you increase your goal for the number of conversations you have this week? To view the previous tips go here: …

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