Should Goals Be Realistic Or Your Heart’s Desire?

Joy is Measurable

Joy is Measurable (Photo credit: Funkybug)

The New Year is coming up and we’re supposed to be setting goals…30-day goals; 90-day goals; one-year goals.  But as I ponder what I want to write down for my goals some questions arise that I can’t answer.

For instance, do I write down what I really want, or what I think is realistic?  By what criteria do I determine what is realistic?  Is it based on past experience? (I hope not.)  Is it based on other’s achievements? (Shouldn’t be.)  Is it based on what I think I can do? (This would just be a guess.)

If we go by the definition of a SMART goal we have Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, and Time-sensitive.  So, accordingly, it’s got to be realistic.  But what if I want more than that?  What about my heart’s desire? Perhaps I know what I can set for a monthly income goal for the next 90-days, realistically.  But I also know what I’d like to earn in the next 90 days…my heart’s desire.  Which figure do I attach myself to for the next 90-days?

Do I go for the higher figure and hope something will come along to make it happen?  Do I take the lower one knowing that maybe reaching the lower goal will give me more satisfaction than not reaching a higher one?  How do the Olympic athletes feel who don’t make the gold medal?  Are they just happy to place? Or does their disappointment take them down?

Mindset is so important when setting a goal that one must weigh the consequences when deciding on one.  This is not something to be taken lightly.

What’s your opinion? Which way do you choose when setting your goals?  How do you guide your coaching clients when setting their goals? Write your comments below.

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