Can you hear me now? by Debra Gilroy

be seenTry this: cover your mouth and talk.  That’s what most marketing sounds like.  Chatter.  Noise pollution.

Combine that with the competition – all those emails, ezines, audios, haranguing us from all directions.  More chatter.  Louder, but not better, noise.

Does it frequently feel that despite your meaningful message and mission, your productive services, all those trainings you’ve invested in, your generosity of spirit and passion for your business, few hear you or really see you?  Are your messages perceived as marketing chatter?

Maybe your client funnel is a trickle.  Perhaps you’re working too hard for too little money.  Or your results are mediocre.  You feel frustrated and maybe even burnt out. Sometimes you even look at — just in case.

You just plain aren’t getting noticed widely enough to build the business of your dreams.

The good news:  you’re not alone.  This is a common challenge for coaches, consultants and therapists 1 to 3 years into their entrepreneurial business.

The better news:  Savvy Strategic Visibility.

Visibility means marketing yourself. It’s one thing to market your product or your teleseminar, or your high end program, but the cold hard truth is no one is coming to your party if they don’t KNOW you or what you stand for.  You are your business and so you have to be part of the marketing equation.

When you eliminate confusion and create clarity about how to build your on and offline visibility, you:

•    Increase credibility so that people recognize you and know what you’re doing (of course, you know you’re good, but others have to be convinced!)
•    Become a sought after expert in your field so your dream clients WANT what you have
•    Can be found easily by people who want to work with you (you can have the best services in the world but it isn’t meaningful if you are the best kept secret)
•    Attract and build your list of ideal clients because you are credible, an expert and visible
•    Grow your business easier and faster — you get to be successful and your business creates satisfaction for you and your clients.

Strategic, creative, on and off line visibility captures your authentic voice so you can be seen and heard by your dream clients.  Just as you make a business plan, or a launch plan, or a networking plan, your well thought out self-marketing visibility plan helps you avoid aimless wandering in the land of marketing confusion.

Your visibility includes your branding (and I’m not talking logo or website here), how you are perceived, what people believe is different or special about you and your services, and your whole presentation of self – followed by how you strategically communicate all of that to your ideal client.

The best news:  an inspired visibility plan can change your business so that you can be free as the wind to do what you love to do.

To get started, visit to get a complimentary Visibility Profile that you can download and use to see where you stand.


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