IAPLC Masterclass: Confidence for a 6-Figure Coaching Biz

On June 12, the IAPLC will host the Masterclass, “6-Figure Coaching Business: How to Get the Confidence to Attract Clients and Cash as a Coach” with Fia-Lynn Crandall. It takes confidence to be out there rocking it in your coaching business, making awesome money and helping lots of people.  When you master confidence you can truly be unstoppable! 

When I met Fia-Lynn and heard about her program, I couldn’t resist taking it, and I’m glad I did. As my coach, Fia-Lynn has helped me improve my game immensely and it happened via boosting my confidence level. Not only did I discover what my money blocks were, but also I got a better understanding of what mindset shifts I needed to make in order to make a major transformation in my business. That transformation happened smoothly and resulted in more income than I had ever made in my business. Now, my confidence has made me feel unstoppable! Be sure to attend her class so this can happen for you too. 

During this masterclass you’ll discover:

  • The #1 mistaken assumption most coaches have that leads them to making less than $50k/yr
  • How coaches put their foot on the brakes in their business and how to get your foot on the gas attracting new clients with ease!
  • Walk away knowing you have a 6-figure impact inside of you waiting to be tapped into 

Fia-Lynn Crandall is an Intuitive Business Consultant and author of the forthcoming book: “The Wealthy Healer: 7 Spiritual Secrets To A Profitable Purpose!” Fia-Lynn empowers Coaches & Healers to free themselves from what’s stopping them from create a thriving business with ease!  Fia-Lynn is the owner of a 6-figure healing business dedicated to assisting Coaches & Healers make a bigger impact AND more money!  Fia-Lynn will accelerate your path to more cash and more clients by amping up your confidence during this powerful call! 

Go here to register: https://iaplifecoaches.org/masterclasses