Do you have an operations manual?

The best businesses run well because of systems.  How do they get their systems?  They document daily procedures and update them as needed. The documentation can be called an operations manual.  Even a solopreneur uses systems and if you ever want to go on vacation, hire a VA, or sell your business, an operations manual is essential.

I started mine when I hired my first VA.  I wrote down exactly what I wanted her to do, just in case she didn’t work out and I had to hire someone else.  That did eventually happen and the second time around, I didn’t have to start all over.  I already had my documents of what to do.  It saved me a lot of valuable time.

Here are examples of some of the systems I documented for the VA:
•    Inviting new members to my Linked-In group
•    Inviting people to connect with me on LinkedIn
•    Setting up weekly tweets for my blog posts
•    Sending in articles from my blog posts to article directories
•    Filling in tracking sheet for blog posts and article submissions
•    Setting up weekly Facebook posts

Did you know that one of the biggest money drains in a business is training new employees?  That’s even if you do HAVE a documented system, so you can imagine the drain if you DON’T have one.

So I encourage you to create your own operations manual and to make it really easy, I’ve asked veteran entrepreneur DeBorah Beatty to teach a masterclass on how to create an operations manual, Wed. Feb. 20, 4pm EST.  The recording is available to IAPLC members.  Non-members can listen to the live-only class.

You can get more information and the call-in details here:

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