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Gandhi during the Salt March, March 1930. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my mentors once said that if you really want to experience fast spiritual growth, become an entrepreneur.  Just like being in any long-term relationship, as an entrepreneur, all of your issues will come up to be dealt with.

One common issue is your relationship with money…how much you deserve, how much you can ask for, how much you can keep, and how you treat money in your personal life.

Another issue that comes up is how you show up.  For example, if your clients don’t show up on time or aren’t fully prepared for your coaching sessions, are you late to meetings, events, etc. or not always fully prepared?  What kind of clients are you attracting?  Do they have qualities that you don’t like?  Are they also qualities that you have and don’t like?

A third issues that can come up is in how you handle stress.  Do you stay calm and strong when a client is venting on a stressful experience or do you get caught up in their drama?  Do you leave the office and your business behind you at the end of the day and relax with family/friends, or do you “take your business with you” and think and strategize on your off time?

One thing that happens when running a business is that you find you must adapt and evolve with it.  Things happen that force you to either change something in your business or change something in yourself in order to move forward.  I like to think of it as part of my evolution and I am an evolving entrepreneur.

After all, things are constantly changing in the world.  If we can’t flow with the change, we tend to get stuck and then need a coach or mentor to get us unstuck.  But if you’re an evolving entrepreneur, you will make decisions based on new information and your intuition, and not be afraid of making staff, family, or friends uncomfortable with your decision.  You are the owner (leader) and must lead the way.  The others are depending on you to do so.

I recall once when a friend accused me of changing my mind about something as though it was not right to change one’s mind and I wasn’t being consistent.  I had just read a story about Gandhi, which I shared with my friend that explained my change of mind.  Here’s the story:

Several days before a march Gandhi and his associates had planned, Gandhi instructed them to call it off.  His associates were confused and upset by this, questioning his decision.  They said, “but you have planned this march.  You must be consistent.”  Gandhi answered, “I am not committed to consistency.  I am committed to truth, and truth changes in the relative world.”

After hearing that, I knew that I also must be committed to truth, allowing for the fact that truth changes.  I have seen how my truth and my commitments change as I evolve.  This gives me the courage to use my intuition, and the confidence to make decisions about my business, even if I have to change them later.  This makes me an action-taker and in the long run, even though I make mistakes, I get more done than the person who is stuck in analysis paralysis.

So I challenge you to become an evolving entrepreneur.  Make decisions to move your business forward, even if you’re not sure what will work.  Just try something.  Use your intuition, the information you have available, and see what happens.  You are allowed to change your mind.  And you’ll see that your business thrives more and more as you deal with your issues, make changes, and allow yourself to evolve as an entrepreneur.

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